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Raw Food: Basic Questions

What is meant by raw food?
Raw refers to food that is unprocessed, unrefined and not exposed to heat over 116 degrees, which kills the enzymes and nutrients. It is composed of fresh fruit and vegetables along with nuts and seeds. Raw isn’t a fringe movement. We all need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Raw is another way to incorporate them into your every day diet, but in an interesting way.

What are the benefits of a raw diet?
When your food is prepared so that it doesn’t lose it’s nutrient content, your body can utilize those nutrients for maximum function. You experience increased energy, mental clarity, weight normalization, and superior health. Your body was created to heal itself and to be able to ward off disease. Without the proper nutrients as it’s building blocks, your body loses it’s ability to do this. Raw foods also help you slow the aging process.

Do you need to be 100% Raw?

No. In fact, when people are transitioning, I don’t even recommend it as it can set some people up for failure. If you can get to 51% raw, very specific health providing benefits will be experienced and can even get measured. I am all about starting the journey and helping people find better health and vitality along the way.

Why don’t you heat the food above 116 Degrees?

Mainly we don’t want to kill the enzymes. Enzymes are considered to be the building blocks of our bodies. Our cells need enzymes to survive and function. Research has shown that people with chronic disease have lower enzyme content in their blood. There is clearly a connection between low enzymes and disease. Eating food with their enzymes still available aids digestion and because we can use the enzymes in food, we don’t deplete our own stores of enzymes.

Where do I get my protein
Vegetables and fruits actually contain at least 15% protein. Protein is also available in nuts, seeds, greens and sprouts. When eaten raw, that protein is assimilated  better by the body. So, you don’t need as much protein if you are eating it in a raw form.

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  1. Paula Lang wrote on November 3, 2010

    I am curious is it okay to freeze fruits and veggies when they are in season to use later ? Does this damage the enzymes, etc ?

  2. Susan wrote on July 19, 2010

    Which co-op?

  3. Martha wrote on July 19, 2010

    Which co-op? I’m in Hopkins, so traveling into uptown or other parts of Mpls is not a huge deal. I’m just sort of looking at getting my toes wet here….I know there are benefits, it’s just a daunting prospect! Someone posted your Basil Zucchini Wraps on Facebook today, and that brought me here. I’ve definitely been intrigued for awhile. And I already prepare the majority of my food from scratch (thanks to the food industry who loves to add MSG to everything!!), but some of it is refined food (sugar, flour, etc). A friend/coworker suggested starting out slow – one meal a day! I like it, it’s a good way to jump in, and like you said, not set yourself up for failure. Looking forward to your blog, so far I’m loving it!

  4. brit wrote on April 16, 2010


    I was wondering where you buy your groceries…A lot of the ingredients you use are not available in regular grocery stores… Well where I live anyway!! thanks!

    • Susan wrote on April 17, 2010

      Brit: No they are not. I shop at my local coop, Whole Foods and also do mail order.

  5. Eco Mama wrote on October 2, 2009

    I love it when you say “Raw is not Fringe.” Raw is about as basic as it gets, right? Isn’t it weird that it’s perceived as so radical? How did we get so far away from it? Thanks for all your positive reinforcement!
    Eco Mama

    • Susan wrote on October 2, 2009

      I know…like, hmmm…eat an apple? Thanks!

  6. joanna wrote on October 2, 2009

    Great post Susan! I love that you are so down to Earth. You really get to us where we live and help us see the light… 😀



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