April 2010

Day 172, 1/30th at f 3.0, ISO 1000

Day 171, 1/400th at f 3.5, ISO 200

It is all in how we look at things…mustard garlic, a common weed.

Day 170, 1/60th at f 4.0, ISO 1000

Patterns. Peaceful and exciting all at the same time.

Day 169, Nikon D300s, 1/250th at f 3.2, ISO 640

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot at a very special place today. Not raw but amazing.

Day 168, Nikon D300s, 1/100 at f 5.0, ISO 640

Nature provides the composition, I release the shutter.

Day 167, Nikon D300s, 125th at f 5.6, ISO 640

I guess these three Jack in the Pulpits are having quite the conversation!

Day 166, Nikon D300s, 1/80th at f 4.5, ISO 640

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. My friend Lili and I were lucky enough to take a long walk. I spied this beautiful rock but the best part was the little red dot. It is actually a spider! Nature is amazing.

Day 165, Nikon D300s, 1/40th at f 2.4, ISO 200

For the love of fern. Or ferns. Or just, I love ferns.

Day 164, Nikon D300s, 1/160th at f 2.5, ISO 200

Alice is at it again. Looks like we are going to have a bumper crop with all these blossoms!

Day 163, Nikon D300s, 1/60th at f 3.2, ISO 200

Brazil nuts that didn’t make it into today’s post. Still pretty.

Day 162, Nikon D300s, 1/6400 at f 3.4, ISO 3200

One thing that this photo challenge has taught me is to really open my eyes to what is happening around me. I am more intimately connected to nature this spring because of this. Watching not only trees and flowers bloom, but weeds, with their own unique beauty, also

Day 161, Nikon D300s, 1/160th at f 6.3, ISO 2000

I found myself in a bridal shop again today. So many pretty things!

Day 160, Nikon D300s, Lens: 50, 1.4, 1/1000 at f 2.0, ISO 3200

Little gifts from nature

Day 159, Nikon D300s, Lens 50, 1.4, 1/125 sec at f 11, ISO 3200

Yes, I am a tree huger.

Day 158, Nikon D300s, lens 60, 2.8 micro, 1/20th at f 3.5, ISO 200

Renting a lens this weekend. Love the results. I am going to have to figure out how to buy this one!

Day157, Nikon D300s, 1/125 at f 5.6, ISO 3200

Someone forgot to tell these little buggers it is only April in Minnesota.

Day 156, Nikon D300s, 1/8 sec at f 3.5, ISO 200

Because this is all I shot today (over and over), this is what you get. And yes, it is raw!!

Day 155, Nikon D300s, 1/200th at f 7.1, ISO 200

Buds, stage two.

Day 154, Nikon D300s, 1/60 sec a f 2.4, ISO 200

Mint is tenacious!

Day 153, Nikon D300s, 1/200 at f 2.0, ISO 100

Nature at it’s simplest and most beautiful.

Day 152, Nikon D300s, 1/60th at f 4.0, ISO 1600

Some more beautiful buds.

Day 151, Nikon D300s, 1/500 sec at f 11, ISO 800

Myst anyone?

Day 150, Nikon D300s, 1/50 at f 4.5, ISO 1600

I call this: “I am too tired to find something to shoot”, or “Lemons at Dusk”.

Day 149, Nikon D300s, 1/100 at f 5.0, ISO 200

A little succulent cactus in black and white. I love the contrast of color and texture.

Day 148, Nikon D300s, 1/200 at f 2.2, ISO 1250

A little breath of spring!

Day 147, Nikon D300s, 1/125 at f 5.6, ISO 200

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Day 146, Nikon D300s, 1/1600 at f1.4, ISO 200

Back in Minnesota where is spring is in full bloom. I miss my daughters, the snow and skiing!!

Day 145, Nikon D300s, 1/125th at f11, ISO 200

Please don’t make me go home!

Day 144, Nikon D300s, 1/160 at f 6.3, ISO 200

I love the buck & rail fences that you see all over Colorado. They evoke such a western feeling.

Day 143, Nikon D300s, 1/2000 at f 2.8, ISO 200

Were not in Kansas anymore! Mountain sage. Stunning.

Day 142, Nikon D300s, 1/100 at f 5.0, ISO 200

As I am approaching my birthday, I realize that age can also be a beautiful thing.

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