August 2010

Day 248, Nikon D300s, 1/80th at 9.0, ISO 400

Just playing around with some beautiful flowers!

Day 247, Nikon D300s, 1/60th at f 2.3, ISO 800

Looking at things with a different filter…

Day 246, Nikon D300s, 1/40th sec at 3.2, ISO 800

Still combing the house…trying to see a little differently than normal.

Day 245, Nikon D300s, 1/2500 sec at f 3.5, ISO 800

Still wandering around the house looking for shots. Pretty little pink flowers.

Day 244, Nikon D300s, 1/40th at f 3.2, ISO 400

Got a great buy on peaches today!

Day 243, Nikon D300s, 1/50th at f 3.5, ISO 800

Another shot on the walk around the house. (shhh…this one is not real)

Day 242, Nikon D300s, 1/25th sec at f 3.2, ISO 400

I love finding these little nests around the yard. They have incorporated Skyler’s fur!

Day 241, Nikon D300s, 1/80th sec at f 3.4, ISO 400

My daughter, Kaia bought these for me years ago because she thought they were pretty. I could never bring myself to eat them. I keep them in a jar so I can remember her beautiful spirit, and how full of joy and light she is, every time I look at them.

Day 240, Nikon D300s, 1/400th sec at f 4.0, ISO 400

I decided to give myself a little challenge. Tour the house and try to find images that could be interesting.

Day 239, Nikon D300s, 1/800th at f 14, ISO 800

I love these little flowers. The girls and I used to play with them when they were little.

Day 238, Nikon D300s, 1/200th at f 9.0, ISO 200

Fall is just around the corner!

Day 237 Nikon D300s, 1/15th sec at f 2.8, ISO 800

I am so far behind posting photos! This one came with 70 mosquito bites. No kidding. 70.

Day 236, Nikon D300s, 1/50th sec f 3.5, ISO 800

This one makes me miss my goats.

Day 235, Nikon D300s, 1/250th sec at f 3.2, ISO 800

I simply love this shot.

Day 234, Nikon D300s, I/250th sec at f 3.5, ISO 400

My basil is prolific!

Day 233, Nikon D300s, 1/5000, f 4.5, ISO 800

The Bride’s bouquet.

Day 232, Blackberry Storm

Great seats at the game. Wow. Nice stadium, Twins!

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