December 09

Day 45, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, f2.8

We have really had some amazing weather over the last week. First a couple feet of snow, then rain, ice and more snow. Back into the deep freeze. It makes for hard walking but beautiful views.

Day 44, Nikon D70

It has finally stopped snowing here but what a beautiful vision we have been left with. The Christmas blizzard left us with some stunning vistas. It is a complete winter wonderland!

Day 43 Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, Asa 200

I caught this beautiful shot of some of the pines surrounding my home at a quiet moment in the early evening.

Day 42

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year!

Day 41, Nikon D70

It is howling outside so, a quick inside photo was in order. Every Christmas, part of the decorating is the light that hangs over the kitchen table. I have an entire set of fun animal ornaments that get to come out and play!

Day 40, Nikon D70

I have started carrying my camera everywhere these days. My daughter and I stopped for a quick lunch while Christmas shopping and were greeted by this beautiful arrangement as we walked through the door of the restaurant.

Day 39, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f6.5

It is another very gray day here. Not much good light. And without good light, it is hard to get good shots. The weeds in the marsh were cooperating.

Day 38 Nikon D 70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f4.0

A quick shot right outside the back door. Not much time for writing, the holidays are upon us!

Day 37, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 200, f2.5

I spent the day decorating the tree so it seemed only fit to try to take some pictures of it tonight. It is interesting experimenting with shooting in such low light. Hopefully, I will get better at it!

Day 36, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 2.5

I don’t have much for you tonight. After spending the day doing errands, and preparing for my youngest daughter’s homecoming tomorrow, I came home to find the internet down. After an hour and a half with tech support, I still have no internet. Then, I had to redo the duct work for the dryer. It was falling apart in a few places. That is what happens when you have an old home. Finally, I was done with the distractions and was able to get the lights on the tree and some more garlands up. The one going up the stairs posed for this.

Photo 365 Day 34Day 35, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 200

My friend, Kim invited me over this afternoon to have some Christmas season fun. She is one of the most creative people I know and always comes up with the most interesting ideas for decorating. I have been trying to convince her to start a blog for months now! She has a table in her entryway that is all white. It is like a crystal snow Christmas scene. It is amazing. I got a quick shot of one of the bowl that she had set out.

Day 34, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f2.5

I set out to find something interesting to shoot. Took quite a few pictures but nothing came out well. So, sticking my head outside the back door, I glanced at this little spray of berries. I liked how they looked with the chair in the background. It gives some interest and movement.

Day 33, Nikon D70, lens 50 mm, Asa 200, F 4.5

I returned to the same place as yesterday to get some more shots of the beautiful arrangements that they had for sale. I love the way the hydrangea’s compliment the pine. I am going to have to hunt more tomorrow.

Rawmazing Photo 365 Day 32: Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 3.5

This time of year there is so much beauty around us. I found this arrangement sitting outside of a store.

Rawmazing Photo 365 Day 31Day 31, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70mm, Asa 200, F 18

A little shot that I caught of downtown Minneapolis over looking Lake Calhoun. It is one of the lakes in the chain of lakes that run right through Minneapolis. We have had one of the warmest Novembers on record, which is why the water is open. Normally at this time of year, we are skating on the lakes. December, however has been very cold so the ice is finally forming.

Skyler Day 30, Nikon D70, 18-70mm, asa1600,

At dusk, the only option was a very fast shutter speed which gives a bit of grain to the picture. The subject, however is one of my favorites.

Raw Food PhotographyDay 29, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 3.5

Another cold day in the hood. Another lucky shot at sunset. I am getting ready to get out of the yard!

Photo 365 Pine Day 28, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, f2.8, asa 200

It is COLD here and I honestly didn’t want to venture too far from the house to get a shot. Luckily, this pine branch and the setting sun combined to make something worth shooting. Stay warm!

PiggieDay 27, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm 1.4, f2.8, asa 400

It is cold, blowing and snowy. I am not going far from the front door. Luckily, this little piggie helped me out for today’s shot.

Day 26, Cannon Powershot, Auto Mode

Summer meet winter, or maybe I should put the furniture away? Once again, the little pocket powershot and a quick photo of the start of the blizzard we are getting. I can’t wait to see how much snow we get…tomorrow should tell!

Day 25, Blackberry Storm,

The purpose of this challenge is to push myself. To find shots where I might not and to use different ways of capturing those shots. This morning, on my walk. I came across this beautiful scene. But not a camera in hand. I did have my blackberry so I took a shot. Lesson learned? Be creative! Don’t look at limitations, dream of possibilities.

Photo 365Day 24, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70mm, asa 200, f8A

quick jump out of the car on an extremely cold afternoon. Lake Minnetonka provided a quick photo op.

Day-22Day 23, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70mm, Asa 400, F8

Walking through a winter’s indoor farmers market, I noticed a vase thai t a potter had set up in front of a cement pillar. I was taken with the interplay between the soft, colorful flowers and the hard pottery and cement. It did’t hurt that it was also illuminated by some light softly filtering through the ceiling.

RoseHipsDay 22, Nikon D70, lens 50 ml

I have been up since 3:45. This is all I’ve got.

cowDay 21, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, asa 200, F8

For Jemma, here is you cow. He seemed very nice but the farmer wasn’t too happy. Even though I was on the road, I still got yelled at. The things we do for our lovely friends.

Photo 365 Day 20, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70 mm, asa 200, F9

I was driving through town and revisited the place that I took the shot yesterday. I had promised my friend, Jemma cows today but never made it to the country. Tomorrow, Jemma, tomorrow.

Photo 365

Day 19, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70 Asa 200, F9, December 1, 2009

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. They say that is a great underestimate. I live near this beautiful lake, and it offered up a beautiful shot today. Still gray. Gray sky, gray water, gray, gray, gray. But gray can be beautiful, too.

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