February 2010

Day 108, Nikon D300s, 1/10 at f 1.6, ISO 200.

I got a new camera today. I think this is going to change my life. I don’t even know how to use it. Grabbed a quick shot of the coffee mug next to the bed. I am in love.

Day 107, Nikon D70, 1/500 sec at f 1.4, ISO 200

We have been having some warmer weather around here. Spring is in the air. I will be glad when these are real and not dried!

Day 106, Nikon D70, 1/1250 sec at f 1/4, ISO 200

Still messing around with my new lens. This could have some interesting possibilities!

Day 105, Nikon D70, 1/6400 at f 1.8, ISO 200

Another beautiful little gift from nature. The ice is amazing.

Day 104, Nikon D70, 1/800th sec at f 1.8, ISO 200

Little things hiding in the grasses at the garden store. I am thinking of spring…is it too early?

Day 103, Nikon D70, 1/250 sec at f 8.0, ISO 200

Nature has been busy making these little ice jewels.

Day 102, Nikon D70, 1/400 sec at f 2.0, ISO 200

I have been scouring the stores for flowers to shoot…reminds me that spring will eventually be here.

Day 101, Nikon D70, 1/125 at f 3.2, ISO 200

I am increasingly looking forward to spring. I took another trip to the flower shop just to motivate myself for this challenge. I need to come up with some more ideas, here…

Day 100, Nikon D70, 1/100th sec at f 5.0, ISO 200

Wow…day 100. Today, I was on the run most of the day so I looked for something to shoot at my friend, Kim’s house again. Sometimes it is all about color and shape.

Day 99, Nikon D70, 1/60 sec at f 3.0, ISO 200

The sun setting in the winter never fails to take my breath away. The colors are always stunning.

Day 98, Nikon D70, 1/640 sec at f 2.0, ISO 200.

Just messing around at my friend, Kim’s house today and shot this picture of a mirror reflecting the dining room. She has done amazing things with her home. Just trying to capture a little piece of it.

Day 97, Nikon D70, 1/50 sec at f 2.8, ISO 200

I caught this quick shot in the grocery store under available lighting. It isn’t perfect but it is amazing what you can do when you start to understand your camera a little!!

Day 96, Nikon D70, 1/125 at f 5.6, ISO 200

Today is all about levity. That’s it, just enjoy.

Day 95, Nikon D70, 1/100 sec at f 6.3, ISO 200

I have a major case of cabin fever. I think that is why I keep returning to the Como Park conservatory. Wish I was tip toeing through some water right about now…

Day 94

Happy Valentines Day!

Day 93, Nikon D70, 1/4000 sec at 1.8, ISO 200

We had heavy fog last night which always excites me. It means there will be beautiful light and frost on the trees!

Day 92, Nikon D70, 1/320 sec at f 2.8, ISO 200

This little sedum greeted me. The fun thing about the 365 challenge is that we start to look at things we see every day in a whole new light.

Day91, Nikon D70, 1/160 at f 1.8, ISO 200

I was back in search of flowers today. So, it was back to the conservatory. So many beautiful images just waiting to be captured!

Day 90, Nikon D70, 1/13th sec at f 4.5, ISO 200

Can you say, “ice dam”?

Day 89, Nikon D70, 1/200 sec at f2.0, ISO 200

It amazes me how much beauty is around us. I caught this in the supermarket! When all you can find outside is snow, you get creative!

Day 88, Nikon D70, 1/1250 sec at f 2.2, ISO 200

a beautiful shot today, just a shot for my daughters. It’s snowing here, girls!!! And there is more coming!!

Day 87, Nikon D70, 1/1250 at f1.8, ISO 200

It was back to the Como Park Conservatory today for a before hours opportunity. The whole place was opened up to photographers privately for 2 hours before the doors opened to the public. Great fun. I was experimenting with depth of field. I hope you like the results!

Day 86, Nikon D70, 1/1250 sec at f 2.8, ISO 200

Today’s photo365 shot is all about color and humor. My friend and fellow photographer, Jessica, and I went to a nursery today and shot flowers. Amongst the flower displays were these plastic ducks. I loved the color and they made me smile. I hope they make you smile, too!

Day 85, Nikon D70 1/10 sec at 4.5, ISO 1600

First of all, this was not my glass. But it did provide an interesting opportunity to stretch a bit. I met some friends this evening and brought my camera. Another interesting place to see what we can see.

Day 84, Nikon D70,1/125 at f 3.8, ISO 200

I am trying to branch out a little. Loved how this looked.

Day 83, Nikon D70,1/80 sec at f 5.0, ISO 200

I was running all day today and never had a chance to take a picture. I lucked out at the last minute, Walking out the door of the Best Buy headquarters, the sun was setting providing this going home shot.

Day 82, Nikon D70, 1/160th sec at f 2.0, ISO 200

I love how the light hit the rock and makes it look illuminated. Tomorrow I am in search of more greenery as I am tired of shooting in the snow.

Day 81 Nikon D70, 15 sec at f18, ISO 400

I was playing around, very unsuccessfully with some night photography. It could be because it was snowing, but I couldn’t get the camera to focus on anything. I looked back at the house to see Schwable, our cat sitting in the window like a statue. And sit he did. The exposure for this shot was 15 seconds. He barely moved a muscle.

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