January ’10

Day 80, Nikon D70, 1/640 sec at f 2.0, ISO 400

Day 80 in the can! I have been playing around a bit with spot metering. Fun stuff. That and the setting sun.

Day 79, Nikon D70, 1/2500 sec at f 6.3, ISO 1600

A quick shot of Skyler at dusk. A beautiful sunset cast an orange glow.

Day 78, Nikon D70 1/640 sec at f 2.0 ISO 200

Honestly? I wanted a day off today. But I haven’t missed a day yet so, these little flowers had to do!

Day 77, Nikon D70, 1/125 sec at f 2.5, ISO 200

My friend, Kim came over today with a beautiful little bunch of tulips and said, show me how you take pictures. We spent a couple of hours working with natural light, reflectors, speed, depth of field, etc. This was one of my favorites from the shoot.

Day 76, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 2.0

One of the biggest challenges that I face doing this challenge is that I forget I need to take a picture sometimes until late in the day, and I have lost the light. Today, this will have to do. I opened the kitchen window (because once again, it is really, really cold here) and shot this little cedar branch.

Day 75, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 200, f4.5

I have started carrying my camera everywhere with me. It is a bit of a pain but I get lucky sometimes. Like today at the grocery store. These beautiful flowers were just waiting to be photographed.

Day 74, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, asa 400

We are having another mini-blizzard so it was back to the conservatory. I am going to try to get back there next week, too as there are wonderful things to take pictures of!

Day 73, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 400, f1.8

It is still cold gray outside. Not doing much for my outside photo 365 shots! Today, I decided to amuse myself with my little turtle, Gus. I was hesitant, hoping she wouldn’t try to run away as I was taking the shot but as you can see, I didn’t have to worry a bit about that. She was feeling so shy, she didn’t even come out of her shell!

Day 72, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 400, f3.5

Another completely dark, gray, rainy day here. Geesh. Luckily this flower arrangement helped me out!

Day 71, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200

I am getting tired of photographing snow and pines. A little sumac helped.

Day 70, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f4.5

Sometimes we find beauty in the most unusual places. Look up, look down, look all around.

Day 69, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70mm, asa 200, f4.5

Not an exceptionally pretty shot tonight but definitely a glimpse into my evening and one of the reasons that I love winter.

Day 68, Nikon D70, Lens 50 mm, asa 200, f 4.5

Becoming completely bored with shooting pine trees and snow, I took a little day trip to the Como Park Conservatory. This black reflecting pond in the fern room was stunning.

Day 67, Nikon D70, Lens 70-300, asa 200

Well, this shot didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. If the other branches were not in front, it might have worked. But, I have no time so this one is just going to have to do for today.

Day 66 Nikon D70, Lens 18-70,

A trip to the antique store and a quick shot for today’s photo!

Day 65, Nikon D70, asa 200, f 4.0

No words tonight, just another picture pointed at the sky.

Day 64, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f4.0

Today I decided to take a different perspective. Standing at the base of one of my beloved pines, I shot straight up the trunk into the sky. It is always good to find new ways to look at things that we see every day.

Day 63, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 2.4
I wanted to experiment a little with black and white photos. The only shocker here was how much these artichokes cost! Wonder what I will do with them. Now for some fun with Lightroom.

Day 62, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 2.4

I love this tree. Every day as I pull up the drive way, she and her two sister birches are always there to welcome me. I don’t know what it is about birch trees but I have always been drawn to them.

Day 61, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm asa 400, f2.5
Ever wonder why so many of the shots are taken at dusk? Because it is the time I remember that I have to get a photo done. Hopefully, things will open up a little and I will get out to take some real shots!

Day 60, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f 2.5

A quick shot of some weeds in the snow around sunset. I love the way everything took on a brown hue…monochromatic can be so soothing…

Day 59, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 400, f2.4

Tired girl.

Day 58, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 200, F 2.5

Same candle, inside. I am somehow hesitant to take down the Christmas decorations this year. Not sure why. This shot was taken very late in the day with very low light. Amazing what you can do with a tripod and a long exposure.

Day 57, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, Asa 200, F 2.5
I was trying to shoot these candles inside due to the sub-zero temps outside. I just couldn’t get what I wanted. They are “crystal snowballs” and wanted to be in the snow. Blue lighting provided by mother nature at dusk. Have a peaceful evening!

Day 56, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, Asa 200

We are having another bit of a blizzard here. They are talking -30 wind chills, more snow and the wind is howling! It is great inspiration to try to find a different way to see the snow. From the inside of the house, looking out through some sheer drapes. An interesting experiment.

Day 55, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, asa 200

Ok…that was close. I was just about to turn off the light, I am brain dead from working on the Rawmazing store all day, and I remembered that even though I took the shot I never uploaded it! So, here you have it. Day 51. Just some ice and lights.

Day 54, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, F 2.0, Asa 200

I trudged through a couple of 3 foot snowbanks to get this shot of the fence. The beautiful blue in the background is snow, snow and more snow. I like how the blue contrasts with the orange of the rusted fence.

Day 53, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, F4.5 Asa 200

Way too cold for going outside and shooting pictures so the inside flowers had to do in a pinch.

Day 52, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f7.0

The birth of a pine tree? It is -10 below here today. I was walking down by some of the pines and noticed these little brown spots all over the snow. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they are pine cone seeds! Is this really the birth of a pine tree? In the cold and the snow? Something to think about!

Day 51, Nikon D70, Lens 50mm, asa 200, f6.0

I love what happens to the light in the winter. It is below zero here and even the air looks different at that temp. There are such blue undertones everywhere you look. I caught this last glimps of sun on the snow when I was out getting firewood. A quick shot and now it is time to hunker down for a very cold night.

Day 50, Nikon D70, Lens 18-70, Asa 200, f4.5

Happy New Year!

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