March 2010

Day 141, Nikon D300s, 1/1000 at f 1.6, ISO 200

A little Colorado spring flower for you today.

Day 140, Nikon D300s, 1/40 sec at f 4.2, ISO 200

Shot yesterday but since I am traveling, I will have to post day 137 and 138 today! Found this bridge and it just begged to be photographed!

Day 139, Nikon D300s, 1/50th at f 3.5, ISO 200

I think the best thing about this photo challenge 365 is that every day, I have to search out something interesting to shoot. I have had this tree for 8 years. I knew it was budding so I decided to go and check it out. Never have I looked at the buds this closely before. They are stunning. Simply stunning.

Day 138, Nikon D300s, 1/100th at f 4.0. ISO 200

Some quick, beautiful texture today.

Day 137, Nikon D300s, 1/80th at f 8.0, ISO 200

A walk by the Mississippi. Love the monochromatic colors that the cloudy day provided.

Day 136, Nikon D300s, 1/1000 at f1.4, ISO 200

Fun day with flowers.

Day 135, Nikon D300s, 1/200th at f 2.0, ISO 800

Another fun day at the conservatory. Ferns. So Beautiful!

Day 134, Nikon D300s, 1/80th at f11, ISO 200

Nature in the city.

Day 133, Nikon D300s, 1/2000 at f 1.4, ISO 200

It is a bud! A real live bud!

Day 132, Nikon D300s, 1/100th sec at f 1.4, ISO 200

More fun with depth of field as everything continues to wake up. Spring is springing!

Day 131, Nikon D300s, 1/400 sec at f 1.4, ISO 400

I have a few titles for this one: The beginning of velcro, Fun with depth of field, Kaia…remember when you got a whole head full of these babies?

Day 130, Nikon D300s, 1/16 at f 1.4, ISO 1600

You heard me…ISO 1600. Still can’t get over that.

Day 129, Nikon D300s, 1/1000 at f 1.4, ISO 1600

Do I need to say anything?

Day 128, Nikon D300s, 1/160 at f 1.4, ISO 200

Remember that tiny pine cone seed that I took a picture of in the middle of the winter? It was below zero, snow everywhere and these little seeds were all over the snow. No, as the earth wakens, the little seeds are also coming to life. Bursting with color, getting ready to grow, it is hard to believe that the 40 pine trees on my property all started from a little seed like this.

Day 126, Nikon D300s, 1/500 sec at f 2.2, ISO 200

More flowers found at the florist. Orchids are always amazing.

Day 125, Nikon D300s, 1/500 sec a 1.4, ISO 200

Some beautiful tulips from the grocery store…Can’t wait until they are actually blooming outside!

Day 124, Nikon D300s, 1/160 at f 2.2, ISO 200

Not exactly beautiful but very interesting: snow mold. Seriously…snow mold.

Day 123, Nikon D300s, 1/1600 at f 1.4, ISO 200

Oh my gosh, I forgot to post the photo yesterday. I took it, just didn’t get it up. I was buried in problems from the switch of the website servers. So, here it is, and you will have one later tonight!

Day 122, Nikon D300s, 1/1000 sec at f 1.4, ISO 200

A quick trip to the florist and some sweet little orange flowers. Spring is coming!

Day 121, Nikon D300s, 1/160 at f 2.0, ISO 200

I am always in awe when spring hits. A few days ago, there was snow everywhere. How does this happen so fast??

Day 120, Nikon D300s, 1/125th at 3.5, ISO 1600

Pierre is the king of the bridal shop. He looks completely at home amongst the dresses.

Day 119, Nikon D300s, 1/500 sec at f 3.5, ISO 400

I was out in search of fog today but it was too windy. Found these leaves instead.

Day 118, Nikon D300s, 1/250 at 4.0, ISO 400

I ran into an old friend today who has recently opened a vintage bridal shop. More about that lately. She graciously let me come in and shoot. Will be back there tomorrow. There was complete beauty all around me, like being a kid in a candy store. I can not resist.

Day 117, Nikon D300s, 1/50 at f 3.2, ISO 200

Well, with the help of my friend, Mark, the photo uploads are working again. Helps to have a genius as a friend. It is still raining. Beautiful rain.

Day 116, Nikon D300s, 1/640 sec a f 1.4, ISO 200

I went out to take some shots of the rain on the pines and this image magically appeared. No retouch, no colorizing. Just what the camera saw…

Day 115, Nikon D300s, 1/100 at 5.0, ISO 3200

Yup, you saw it right. ISO 3200. Still being completely amazed by this camera. You can see a little grain but I took this picture with almost no light.

Day 114, Nikon D300s, 1/1000 at 1.4, ISO 200

A new toy for the evening. I am trying to figure how how to take photos at all times of the day and night. I added a fixed light to my collection. Love it. It looks like daylight when it is pitch black. Tonight was my first experiment with it. Now I just have to figure out how to use it with the food.

Day 113, Nikon D300s, 1/500 sec, f 15, ISO 1600

I had a different kind of model today. Not one that I wanted to get too close to!

Day 112, Nikon D300

I was lucky enough to sit in on a model shoot. My friend Jessica handed me her camera and let me take a few shots. It is very different than food photography. Very fun!

Day 111, Nikon D300s,1/30 sec at f 2.0, ISO 200

I was out looking through tons of antique stores today for props for the food photography. Caught this quick shot.

Day 110, Nikon D70, 1/30th at f 2.2, ISO 200

Took the old camera for a field trip to the grocery store. The pineapples were happy to pose.

Day 109, Nikon D300s, 1/30 sec at f 2.8, ISO 1600

I am having a blast with the new camera. Caught this shot of Schwable, the Rawmazing cat this morning at dawn. There was hardly any light and I managed to get this shot. I am like a little kid with this camera!

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