October 2010

Day 303, Canon Power Shot, 1/50th at f 2.8, ISO 100

Took this on my walk with the dogs today with my little pocket camera!

Day 302, Nikon D300S, 1/400th sec at f 10, ISO 800

It is an record breaking warm day here. The 80′s in Minnesota in October, unheard of. I had lunch with a friend at the marina. This was shot from our table.

Day 301, Nikon D300S, 1/80th sec at f 4.5, ISO 800

Can you find another of this picture of this pine cone from the spring?

Day 300, Nikon D300S, 1/500th sec at f 11, ISO 800

I love the fall colors against the blue sky. The colors are so vibrant.

Day 299, Nikon D300S, 1/160th sec at f 5.0, ISO 800

More fall berries!

Day 298, Nikon D300S, 1/80th sec at f 3.5, ISO 800

Fall berries.

Day 297, Nikon D300S, 1/400th sec at f 3.0, ISO 800

Sumac, Day 4

Day 296, Nikon D300S, 1/1000th sec at f 3.0, ISO 800
Sumac, Day 3

Day 295, Nikon D300S, 1/100 sec at f 4.5, ISO 800

Sumac, day 2.

Day 294, Nikon D300S, 1/200th sec at 4.5 ISO 800

The sumac is so beautiful I am going to do a series.

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Mary Wenborg October 18, 2010 at 2:46 am

Hi Susan:

Your photos are so spetacular, I just sit and study them. Never have I seem so much imagination and use of color. I take lots of pictures on my trips with my daughters, one at a time and with their families, but your photography can’t be beat.

Keep it up. I will be checking out all your new photos. Thanks again. New photo ideas abound.


Janet October 18, 2010 at 6:12 am

Scrumptious! Absolutely scrumptious! Hard to pick a fav with all those gorgeous colors.


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