September 2010

Day 283, Nikon D300S, 1/160th sec at f 6.3, ISO 800

I can’t see them so they must not be able to see me….

Day 282, Nikon D300s, 1/50th at f 3.5, ISO 3200

Once again, the beautiful textures and colors of metal. Amazing how warm they can be.

Day 281, Nikon D300s, 1/100th at f 3.2, ISO 800

Shooting at a restaurant. Love the textures of these pans.

Day 280, Nikon D300s, 1/100th sec at f 5.0, ISO 800

Sometimes you just have to be a little creative!

Day 279, Nikon D300S, 1/800th sec at f 11, ISO 800

You know you live in the land of 10,000 lakes when these little babies are flying low over the house.

Day 278, Nikon D300s 1/60th sec at f 2.1, ISO 3200

5 minutes after I got up. Yes, those are my pillows.

Day 277, Nikon D300S, 1/320th sec at f 3.5, ISO 800

More beautiful colors and textures from our food.

Day 276, Nikon D300S, 1/160th sec at f 6.3, ISO 800

I love the textures and colors that our food provides us.

Day 275, 1/80th at f 4.5, ISO 800

I just love the colors and the textures in this.

Day 274, Nikon D300S, 1/100th at f 5.0, ISO 800

The fall flowers are showing up!

Day 273, Nikon D300S, 1/80th sec at f 4.5, ISO 800

These are rainbow carrots. I need to learn more…

Day 272, Nikon D300S, 1/80th sec at f 4.5, ISO 800

Bitterballs at the farmer’s market. Yes…they are bitter!

Day 271, Nikon D300S, 1/80th sec at f 4.5, ISO 800

I revisited the touch-me-not. If you touch the little green buds, they pop open, spraying their seeds, everywhere. That is why we used to love playing with them!

Day 270, 1/100th sec at f 5.0, ISO 800
I love these little orange flowers. Touch me nots! My girls and I used to play with them all the time when they were little.

Day 269, Nikon D300S, 1/60th sec at f4.0, ISO 800

I love the contrast between the red and the green.

Day268, Nikon D300S, 1/100 sec at 5.0, ISO 800

Fall colors are starting to arrive!

Day 268, Nikon D300S, 1/160th sec at f 6.1, ISO 800

A beautiful little piece of nature.

Day 267, 1/125th sec at f 5.6, ISO 800

A little left behind.

Day 266, Nikon D300s, 1/640 sec at f 3.2, ISO 800

Just before they will turn a dark purple.

Day 265, Nikon D300S, 1/200th sec at 7.1, ISO 800

An amazing little guy nestled in the golden rod. Fall is here.

Day 264, Nikon D300s, 1/250th sec at f 8.0, ISO 800

A little fall flower.

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Rona Owen September 9, 2010 at 10:38 am

Today is the first time I have checked out your photos. They are gorgeous! I love them!


Victoria September 13, 2010 at 3:34 am

CONGRATULATIONS! I started looking at your November 2009 shots and laughed every time you said you questioned your sanity and commented on how difficult it was finding shots. Look! Here you are almost A YEAR LATER and you’re still shooting! KUDOS to you!! You’re doing FABULOUSLY!!!

I can’t wait to go through all of your shots. There are SO MANY that I LOVE! The color of the flower on Day 264 is gorgeous! Keep up the great work! Looking at your shots makes me want to live in Minnesota!! lol.


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