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Veggie Salad with Black Beans

Yup…those are black beans. And yup, they are COOKED (gasp). What are cooked beans doing on a raw food site? Well, as promised, I am working on some cold weather recipes! It is a perfect day for this in Minnesota. We survived a huge windstorm last night that knocked out power and ushered in cold weather and snow flakes. Which is not unusual for us at this time of year.


bean salad


Cold weather in Minnesota is really cold. We can go below zero and not come out for days. Combine that with deep drifts of snow, and sometimes, cold, raw food just doesn’t cut it. I find myself migrating to my dehydrator way too much and notice that because I want food with bulk and warmth, I am eating too much dehydrated food and raw foods heavy in fat to try to get what my body craves when it is so cold.

Since I have been having a love affair with raw all summer, cooked food completely loses it’s appeal. It tastes bland, dead, not vibrant. And there is the conundrum. I want vibrant, live food but I also need  warm heavier foods. Then it came to me. Why not develop a bunch of recipes that are mostly fresh, vibrant food, but also incorporates a bit of cooked food that will satisfy. Today, black beans fit the bill and I am excited about the outcome. I get the best of both worlds. The fresh vibrancy of the corn, tomatoes, onions and bok choy, mixed with the cooked beans. BTW, the winner of this week’s contest is announced at the end of the post! Also…would love to hear your thoughts on this type of recipe.


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  1. Kaila wrote on January 7, 2011

    I just found your site and after drooling over all the recipes and pictures for a week or so, I made this. It was my first time preparing (and maybe eating) bok choy. I’m trying to transition us to a predominantly raw diet and this was such a good recipe. We devoured the entire bowl in one sitting. It went together in minutes, It was surprisingly filling, and the flavors went together perfectly.

  2. Julie the Alkaline Sister wrote on December 8, 2010

    80% raw is a great goal. This recipe is great for the Alkaline Lifestyle which is a perfect balance of 80% raw and some lightly steamed veggies that are all alkaline forming and 20% as the acidic balance in raw nuts & seeds, proteins & warmed whole grains & low sugar fruit. It’s easy to maintain this especially with delicious recipes like yours. Thanx for inspiring a nice combination for these winter days.

  3. Laura wrote on November 8, 2010

    Just made this for lunch today! Hearty but very fresh – it’s a perfect balance 🙂 Thanks again – can’t wait for more recipes like this!!

  4. elizabeth wrote on October 31, 2010

    When I started eating raw, I too lost too much weight. I added more cook foods as the Halelujah Acres philosophy subscribes to. Since then my weight has stayed the same and I have never felt more alive! Keep up these GREAT recipes Susan!

  5. Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather wrote on October 31, 2010

    Looks so fresh and delicious. I believe cooked beans are a great addition to any diet, especially when piled ontop of veggies 🙂

  6. Ellen wrote on October 30, 2010

    Good call, Susan! Sometimes, even on Kauai, we get cold and HUNGRY! Hungry for more than just raw. When my husband hears me same “I’m hungry” with a certain tone in my voice, he knows I am about to go after food that is less than (more than?) raw!

  7. lisbet wrote on October 29, 2010

    Well it’s fine with me. My body asks for plenty of cooked foods- and plenty of raw foods as well. I just play it by ear. 🙂 And I currently live in TX, where it doesn’t really get cold. My cravings just turn with the seasons.

  8. Carolyn wrote on October 29, 2010

    Oh my, I’m surprised you’ve never had this combo before! It’s great for filling up the tummy, and yet provides necessary living nutrition. We’ve been having meals such as this for several years now. Change the taste by adding spices such as cumin or serve with mild chili peppers. We like it with various spring greens mixed with fresh spinach or just the spring greens.

  9. Kate Croft wrote on October 29, 2010

    The cold season is here and I too turn to beans to keep me going. Actually, more specifically, I turn to soups. For whatever reason, warm liquidy food is what makes me feel comforted and full and satisfied. And warm.


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