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Red Pepper Poppers

Recently, I hosted a raw food pot luck at my home. Talking to everyone, at all levels of involvement with raw food was interesting and enlightening. It is always fun to see what raw food dishes people show up with. One couple brought some jalapeno poppers, made the raw food way. They were very good. I was inspired to take a shot at it and see what I could come up with.




Instead of using green jalapeno’s, I opted for small red cayenne peppers, for the color and the ripeness. The heat is about the same. The filling is made from pine nuts, cashews and a few other ingredients. Eggplant “bacon” tops completes the bite size morsels. There are quite a few recipes out there for eggplant “bacon”. This one was inspired by a trip to the spice shop and a desire to make it quick and easy. It turned out great. I had to fight my daughter to keep enough for the photos!


Raw Food Recipes: Pepper Poppers


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  1. Rhonda Bowler wrote on December 1, 2011

    Please tell me where I can buy Smoked Paprika and Ground Chipotle Peppers?
    Thanks Rhonda

  2. Gayle wrote on October 12, 2011

    Could this be made with anahiem peppers for a less spicy treat?

    • Susan wrote on October 12, 2011

      I don’t see why not…

  3. Jackie wrote on April 2, 2011

    This bacon is to die for! I make 2 batches at a time so I can use it on burgers, cauliflower mash,pizza and more!! I ring out the eggplant before I dehydrate and it comes out nice and crispy. It also makes a nice garnish for squash soup!

  4. simone wrote on February 20, 2011

    i made these today…yum! the kids weren’t into the peppers, but love the cheeze and bacon. i couldn’t find the chipotle peppers in my grocery store and could have gone for some small sweet reds, but figured i’d try jalepenos and it worked well for me…maybe the small sweet reds would work better for my kids, or other people who want less heat/spice though…just a thought.

  5. Caitlin wrote on February 12, 2011

    I have heard people say that the heat is in the seeds, actually capsicum (heat) is found in the white flesh to which the seeds are attached. If you want less heat remove both the seeds and the white flesh.

  6. Liz wrote on September 29, 2010

    Dee: I know this is a couple months late, but I have found that when I put dehydrated goodies in the fridge (nuts, crackers, etc.), they will often get a very crispy; I’ve had great success with another version of eggplant bacon (this one looks delicious and simple—I’ll have to try it!). Also, if you don’t mind if it’s 100% raw or not, you could use maple syrup, as it dehydrates crunchy. Those poppers are beautiful—can’t wait to make them!

  7. dee wrote on August 27, 2010

    Sorry about my questions. I made it again and it was great. My only problem was I ate it as soon as it as done like it was potato chips, so I went out to get more eggplants and could not find any organic in the area.But, I have another snack food I can take with me kale chips and eggplant bacon.Thanks for all your advice.

  8. Susan wrote on August 14, 2010

    Dee: yes

  9. dee wrote on August 13, 2010

    Did you peel the eggplant?


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