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There has been a lot of confusion on the web as to what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to republishing content from websites. Many people think that it is ok to scrape content and photos as long as you provide a link back to the site. What they don’t understand is the minute that something is published, it is considered copyrighted. So, even if there isn’t a copyright notice, using any of the content, unless it is a small snippet for review, is not legal and can get you in big trouble. Read one blogger’s story here: Bloggers Beware.

Our policy at is pretty simple. If you are interested in linking to a recipe on Rawmazing, you are welcome to use one photo (please do not crop or alter and give proper photograph credit) and some introductory text with credit. You may not reproduce the actual recipe on your site but should link directly to the recipe on Please make it clear where the image came from.  Anything beyond that requires permission. The use of photography for any other use other than promoting the recipe that goes with it, requires permission from me. I am pretty easy to get a hold of. Just use the contact form or send me an email at 

Pinterest pins are very welcome as long as you make sure it links back to the site and you don’t copy the recipe onto the pin. 

All images and content are copyrighted by Susan Powers and can not be used without permission except as stated above. © Susan Powers and ©Rawmazing 2009-2015. All rights reserved.

Any commercial use by any person or business must have permission from me to publish (reproduce) my images and content in any medium, physical or electronic except as stated above. 

Images are available at high resolution for commercial use, publication and general distribution. Please contact me at for licensing rates. If you are interested in prints, please contact me at Susan@SusanPowersPhotography for prices. All prints are archival quality.

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