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Vegan Cheese

Arugula and Corn Salad with Avocado Dressing

Miso Glazed Cauliflower Salad w Mango Dressing

Stuffed Squash with Sage Cashew Cream

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Macadamia Nut Cheese

Vegan BLTA Lettuce Cups with Coconut Bacon!

Peach Cardamon Tart with a Ginger Pecan Crust

Tofu Lettuce Cups

Vegan Hazelnut Brownies with Cacao Frosting

Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing

Orange Glazed Tempeh

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Cashew Cream (raw)

Summer Southwest Salad with Chipotle Dressing (Raw)

Vegan Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

Raw Almond Joy’s from Sanctuary Bistro!

The Ravens’ Eggplant Cannoli

Raw Cauliflower Salad with Mustard Dill Dressing

Simple Vegan Garlic Acocado Bean Dip

Mulberry Peanut Cacao Crunchy Bars

Sweet Potato Broccoli Salad with Garlic-Ginger Tahini Sauce

Simple Save Your Breasts Salad

Cruciferous Crackers (Raw)

Simple Savory Wild Rice Sweet Potato Patties

Super Easy Gluten Free Seed Bread

White Bean and Broccoli Soup (the anatomy of a recipe)

Brussels Sprouts Chips

Raw Brussels Sprouts with Apple, Hazelnut and Maple Salad

Easy Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Stew (Cooked)

Vegan “Roasted” Cauliflower Salad with Orange Miso Dressing

Vegan Cheesy Smoky Chipotle Potato Cabbage Soup

No-Bake Vegan Red Velvet Snowball Cookies (Raw!)

Vegan Shiitake Miso Cleansing Soup

Stuffed Sage Lentil Loaf with Wild Rice Cranberry Pumpkin Stuffing

Caramel Celtic Salt Dark Chocolate Truffles from Wild Plate

Leek Polenta with Roasted Chanterelle Mushrooms

Pear, Walnut Pomegranate Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing

Pear Parfait with Salted Cinnamon Caramel and Cardamom Cashew Cream

Black Beans with Mango Salsa and Lime Cream

Raw Corn Chowder with Pumpkin Seeds, Tomato and Avocado

Blueberry Mulberry Maple Granola

Easy Cucumber Noodles with a Vegan Basil Cream, Tomatoes and Pine Nuts!

Cucumber Noodles with a Dijon Tarragon Vegan Cream Sauce and Give-Away!

Strawberry Watermelon Mint Granita and E-book Sale!

Fig and Vegan Truffle Chive Cheese Appetizers with Coconut Bacon!

Energy Boosting Breakfast Shake

Simple Raw, Vegan Carrot Ribbons with Creamy Cumin, Lime and Ginger Dressing

Homemade Cashew Milk

Quick and Easy Raw, Vegan Breakfast Pudding

Herb Salt! My New Obsession. And the Contest Winner!

Raw Vegan Fig and Pear Tart with Lavender and Chocolate Ganache

Blueberry Peach Salad with Vegan Creamy Basil Salad Dressing

Sweet Potato Chickpea Wraps with Mango Avocado Salsa

Chive Vegan Cheese Spread and Veggie Crackers

Raw Vegan Blueberry Apricot Granola Bar Recipe

Raw Walnut Mushroom Taco Lettuce Wraps

Raw Vegan Spring Rolls Bowl

Raw Sunflower Seed Protein Balls

Raw Guacamole Dip Sandwiches with Smoked Red Pepper “Cheese” Sauce and Chipotle Buns

Raw Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Dreamcicle Delights Smoothie Recipe for your Brunch Table

Raw Veggie Rice with Tamari Orange Sauce

Zucchini Chips with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Raw Dried Cherry Walnut Cacao Healthy Energy Bars

Raw Curried Squash Vegetable Noodles on Spinach and Contest Winners!

Radicchio, Fennel and Orange Healthy Dinner Salad with Tahini Dressing

Raw Hazelnut Truffles Recipe with Raw Cacao Ganache

Stuffed Mushrooms with Sunflower Sage Cream and Rosemary

Apple and Kale Salad with Oil Free Maple Dijon Dressing

Healthy Breakfast Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

Raw Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Fresh Bouillon and a Buddha Bowl

Carrot Zucchini Raw Vegan Cake

Cracked Pepper Dried Cherry Flax Crackers with Pine Nut Pepper Cream and Nectarine Salad!

Perfect Summer Salad

Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Frozen Torte

Beets with Arugula “Cheese” and Orange

Raw Blackberry and Mango Almond Nut Pâté Salad

Raw Stuffed Mushrooms with Rosemary “Cream”

Raw Pho Recipe

White Chocolate Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tort

Cauliflower Rice with Fresh Peas and Cumin

Raw, Vegan Strawberry Chocolate “Trifle”

Raw Coconut Bok Choy Spicy Soup

Avocado and Beet Salad with Lime Ginger Cumin Macadamia “Cheese”

Cacao Dried Cherry Energy Bars

Miso Ginger Kale Soup

Contest Winner and a Clay Cacao Face Mask!

Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Vegan Cheese Log with Thyme

Orange Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Hazelnut Caramel Topping

Raw Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog

Cucumber Noodles with Coconut Lime Cumin Dressing

Pear Arugula Savory Tart with Pine Nut Crust

Raw Lunch Ideas with Chick Peas!

Peach Salsa with Raw Veggie Crackers

Raw Asian Slaw with Red Chili “Peanut” Dressing

Raw Fig Ginger and Pear Tart

Raw Lemon Scones with Blackberry Sage Jam

Raw Jicama Veggie Chips

Avocado Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Curry Carrot Salad

Peach and Kale Salad with Maple Miso Vinaigrette

Eggplant No Fry Veggie Fries!

Frozen Blackberry Lime Tarts

Raw Thin Mint Peppermint Patties

Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato Vegan Cheese

The Winner and Some Really Great Breakfast Cookies!

Homemade Flaked Sprouted Oats

Cinnamon Orange Energy Bars with Orange White Cacao Frosting

Melon and Jicama Salad with Cumin Cucumber Dressing

Orange Thyme Salad with Glazed Beets and Spiced Walnuts

Strawberry Chocolate Raw Vegan Cheesecake No Nuts!

Raw Pineapple Coconut Vegan Cheesecake Nut-Free: Part 2

Lemon Thyme Pine Nut Vegan Cheesecake

Raw Avocado Kale Pesto with Zucchini Pasta

Raw White Chocolate Truffles with Coconut 3 Ways

Raw Bruschetta Crackers with Basil Garlic Cashew Spread

Raw Orange Ginger-Glazed Doughnut Recipe

Kale and Cabbage Salad

Raw Apple Cauliflower Soup

Raw Almond Joy Bars

Raw Ginger Orange Oatmeal Cookies

Sprouted Red Lentils with Curry Sauce and Kale

Cheezy Kale Crackers

Raw Orange Chocolate Vegan Cheesecake Revisited

Raw Vegan Chili

Curry Coconut Cauliflower Soup with Pear

Carrot Noodles with (Almond) Peanut Sauce

Raw Meyer Lemon Tart with Raspberry Filling

Raw Chocolate Covered Nutella Macaroons

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender Review

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender Give Away!

Raw Mock Tuna Salad

Raw Dreamy Cacao Walnut Bars

Jicama Mint Watermelon Salad

Rosemary Almond Crackers Two Ways

Rosemary Honey Macadamia Cheese with Figs and a Balsamic Reduction

Cherry Tarts with Hazelnut Crust

Jicama Dill Avocado Salad

Strawberry Vegan Cream Avocado Pie

Homemade Salsa with Fruit and Feijoa Blossoms

Wrap Recipes: Collard Wraps with Turmeric Spread

Raw Banana Vegan Cream Parfaits with Salted Allspice Caramel

Vegan Pad Thai Style Noodles and Veggies

Fresh Raw Coconut Milk

Raw Shoe-String Zucchini Fries

Left-over Juice Pulp Dog Treat Recipe

Raw Lavender Lemon Tea Cookies

Raw Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Pear Walnut Raw Crackers with Raw Pear Fig Compote

Fennel Apple Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Raw Yam and Carrot Savory Pancakes

Kitchen Sink Raw Super Easy Cookies

Raw, Vegan Cherry Crisp!


Homemade Body Butter Recipe

Raw Food Sweet Potato Mushroom Sliders

Raw Flat Breads

Cress and Golden Beet Salad

Raw Cranberry Walnut Cashew Cheese

Chipotle Cacao Raw Brownies

Fresh Cranberry Ginger Orange Punch

Hazelnut Chocolate Raw Brownies

Pear Squash Purée with Pecans and Rosemary

Hazelnut Fig and Sage Crackers with Honey Walnut Spread

Endive Pomegranate Salad

Raw Pumpkin Cranberry Ginger Parfaits!

Homemade Coconut Butter

Raw Pumpkin Spice Cookies!

Pears with Cacao Ganache and Cinnamon

Butternut Squash Noodles with White Wine Mushroom and Sage

Raw Vegan Lasagna

Spinach Tomato Tart

Hearty Heirloom Tomato Salad

Ground Cherries

Transitioning to Raw Food with Sweet and Sour Rice

Raw Pickles

What’s for Dinner – Stuffed Tomatoes

Summer Pâté Raw Food

Purslane Tomato Cucumber Salad

Raw Tea Sandwiches

Raw Sprouted Cucumber Salad

Strawberry Watermelon Juice Lemonade

Lentil Sprouts and Cucumber Salad with Maple Mustard Vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato, Corn and Avocado Salad w Chipotle Dressing

Marinated Cucumber Salad

Banana Pineapple Green Drink

Jicama Dill Salad

Beet Chips Raw Recipe

Curry Pineapple Salad with Parsnip Rice

Blackberry and Walnut Salad

Raw Veggie Kabobs

A Quick and Easy Vegan Cheese Spread

Raw Sun Dried Tomato Olive Crackers

Raw Orange Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Easy Raw Swiss Chard Wraps

Rosemary Almond Crackers

Pear Salad with Dried Cherry Vinaigrette and Macadamia Medallions

Raw Food Avocado Cacao Mask for Your Face

Thyme Lemon Cookies

Raw Pizza Night!

Pears with Pistachio Cream and Cacao

Eggplant Chips with Cucumber Dip

BBQ Brown Rice Raw Crackers

Marinated Zucchini with Veggies

Maple Cinnamon Pecan Cookies

Raw Recipe: Simple Almond Cheese

Raw Transition Recipe with Kale for the New Year!

Holiday Raw Fudge

Raw Dessert Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Torte

Squash Beggar’s Purse with Pomegranate and Sage

Hazelnut Carrot Soup

Raw Food Recipe – Kale Corn Chips w Chunky Guac

Raw Recipe: Earl Grey Chocolate Terrine

Veggie Salad with Black Beans

Fall Slaw with Maple Tahini Dressing

Raw Food Recipe: Spaghetti and “Meat” Balls

Raw Food Chard Roll

Cacao Mint Macaroons

Raw Food Recipe Almond Flour

Raw Food Recipe Brussel Sprouts and Figs

Raw Food Recipe Pluot Tart

Raw Food Recipe: Cacao Oat Goji Balls

Raw Food Recipe: OMG Pecan Bars

Pesto and other Basil Tricks

Basil and Raw Food, Expanded

Basil and Raw Food

Marinated Kale Salad

Whats for Dinner?

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

Zucchini Cacao Cookies

Basil Zucchini Wraps

Raw Food and Cravings

White Chocolate Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Raw, Vegan BLT!

Cinnamon and Fruit Chia Pudding

Raw Halvah

Raw Apple Pie

Zucchini Corn Cakes with Cilantro “Cream”

Stuffed Avocados with Chipotle Mayo

Raw Food: Kale Chips 9 Ways!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Macaroons

Raw Food Recipe: Banana Pecan Pancakes

Burgers the Raw Food Way!

Brazil Nut Smoothie

Lemon Glazed Fruit Cloud

“Chocolate, Chocolate Chip” Cookies Raw!

BBQ Crackers the Raw Food Way

Sun Dried Tomato Spread Two!

Pea Pods with Sun Dried Tomato Spread

Strawberry Banana Treats for the Kids!

Stuffed Mushrooms

Cacao Ganache Raspberry Tart

Tarragon Mushroom Tart

Rawmazing Doughnut Holes

Spicy Veggie Raw Food “Stir Fry”

Cacao Walnut Macaroons

Falafel the Raw Food Way

Cinnamon Honey Hazelnut Drink

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse

Raw Food Recipe: Cinnamon Raisin “Toast”

Broccoli, Mushroom “Stir Fry”

Stress Relief for the Winter Blues

Raw Cinnamon Buns

Raw Recipe: Almond Butter

Raw Cacao Walnut Fudge

Raw Food Recipes: Hazelnut Cranberry Flatbread

Raw Banana Cream Pie

Marinated Mushrooms and Cauliflower Mash

Sunflower Pumpkin Turmeric Salad

Raw Cacao Pecan Whoopie Pies

Super Food: Turmeric

Orange Pomegranate Salad

Raw Cacao Goji Energy Bars

Healthy Raw Onion Rings

Raw Egglessnog

Raw Hazelnut and Mint Chocolate Truffles

Raw Orange Chocolate “Cheesecake”

Mushroom Leek Tart

Raw Food Appetizers: Walnut Cranberry Crackers

Raw Sesame and Flax Crackers

Raw Pumpkin Pie

Three Raw “Cheese” Spreads

Apple Cranberry “Cheesecake”

Raw Oatmeal Cookies

Raw Food: Flaked Oats

Red Pepper Poppers

Healthy Inside and Out

Raw Food Recipes: Warm Cacao with Cinnamon

Raw Food Recipe: Tomato Flat Bread

Broccoli Raisin Salad Done the Raw Food Way

Raw Food Dehydrated Potato Pancakes

Raw Food and Travel

Raw Food Equipment Questions: Dehydrators

Savory Squash Crepes With Sage “Cream” Sauce

Cacao Coconut Ganache Tart

Luke’s Kitchen Sink Dog Bones

Raw Food “Roasted” Tomato Basil Soup

Sun Dried Tomato Pumpkin Seed Pesto 2

Sun Dried Tomato Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Cacao Walnut Cookies

Raw Spinach Mushroom Tart

Productive Senior Citizens and Raw Apple Sauce

Baba Ghanoush, The Raw Food Way!

Tomato Napoleon with Raw Basil “Cheese”

Found Food: Cinnamon Plum Sorbet

Smoothie Thursday!

Jicama Salad with Peanut Curry Sauce

Cacao Smoothie Green Drink

Avocado Mango Broccoli Salad

Strawberry Summer Salad

Raw Wilted Spinach with Tarragon Pine Nut Sauce

Raw Sweet Potato “Fries” with Chipotle Mayo

Watermelon Lemonade

Raw Macaroons Three Ways!

Raw Strawberry Coconut Cream Pie

Raw Blueberry Flax Pancakes

Sun dried Tomato Cashew Cheese Spread

Strawberry Fruit Salad

One Raw Recipe Three Ways!

Raw Chocolate (Cacao) Vanilla Banana Walnut Crepes

Raw Vegan Sushi

Chia Fruit Salad

Raw Tropical Biscotti

Raw Buckwheat Treats

Raw Strawberry Banana Crepes!

Raw Almond Cherry Macaroons

Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Zucchini Cucumber Hummus

Spicy Corn Chips

Flat Bread Sampler

Raw Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Dried Cranberry Pecan Flat Bread

Corn Chips & Guacamole

Raw Vegan Cheese

Dried Cherry Chocolate Truffles

Cinnamon Pomegranate Flat Bread

Raw Food Recipe: Zucchini Carrot Flat Bread

Raw Food: Green Drinks

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