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New Happenings at Rawmazing!

There are exciting things a foot at Rawmazing! Very soon we will premier our new site.  Features will include, Chef’s Notes, Resources, Articles, Down-loadable Cookbooks, Fact Sheets, Links to other great Raw Food Sites, and more! We welcome your comments and suggestions as we go through the changes. Don’t worry, you will still have access to all the recipes and many more will be coming.

It is our goal to provide interviews and podcasts with people who have changed their lives with raw food. Many stories are shared with us by people who after becoming ill, or fed up with extra weight and the health problems associated with it, switched to raw and changed their lives. We would like to bring these stories to you as a source of inspiration and acknowledgment of the people who are taking control of their health and their lives.

It is said that 60% of our illness in this country is caused by the SAD (Standard American Diet). Our current way of eating is not only making us sick, it is also quickly depleting our planet of it’s resources in ways that are completely unnecessary. It is time to bring a new mindset to the masses. Help us spread the word as we show ways to a more nutritional way of eating that doesn’t require you to give up the flavor and beauty of food!

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  1. The Veg Next Door wrote on May 29, 2009

    Looking forward to the change. Is the black and white image above your new logo? Love it!

  2. Erika wrote on May 28, 2009

    ooo, I can’t wait.


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