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Falafel the Raw Food Way

I love food. I love flavor. I love falafel! There is a great little restaurant in Boulder where you can order your falafel and choose from all kinds of sides to put with them. It is quick, yummy and there is a wonderful outside patio where you can sit, eat and watch the traffic on Pearl Street go by. Desperate for a raw food recipe that recreates these tasty little favorites, I sprouted chickpeas and got to work. Paired with a raw recipe for “sour cream” and a mango salsa, this raw food recipe completely hits the spot!



Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans are a great way to add a complete protein to your raw food diet. They are full of fiber and trace minerals. They are low glycemic and are a good source of iron.




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  1. Stephanie wrote on January 15, 2016

    how long do the falafels last? How do I store them? How long will the sauces last?

    • Susan wrote on January 15, 2016

      Just consider that you are using all fresh ingredients and treat as such. Cheers!


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