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Homemade Body Butter Recipe

I made my first batch of body butter today. I think my life has changed forever. Delightful, decadent and easy, I have wanted to try making it for a long time. I was convinced that it would be difficult and not work the way I wanted. Boy, was I wrong.



I love creamy body butters. Living in a climate that gets quite cold and dry in the winter, they are a must in my house. But two things have always bothered me. They can be quite expensive and also, full of ingredients that are less than desirable for your skin and health.

We often forget that our skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs what we put on it. If you are using lotions and body butters with chemicals in them (fragrances, preservatives, color additives, etc.) be aware that your skin absorbs the chemicals, too. Not exactly desirable. I often just use almond oil on my skin after a shower but sometimes I want something a little more decadent. Body butters, made with pure oils and essential oils for fragrance are just the thing.



I called my friend Jen Vertanen, who writes the blog, “The Wholehearted Life”, knowing that she has spent years playing with recipes for home made soaps and lotions and asked her opinion on ingredients. She told me to use 75% solid to 25% liquid oil. Sounded easy enough.

I measured out shea butter (I use this shea butter: organic raw shea butter and coconut oil for the solid, and melted them in my home-made double boiler. (If you don’t have a double boiler, make sure there is space for the steam to escape and you are using heat proof glass.)



I wanted to use rosemary as one of my scents. I didn’t have any rosemary essential oil so I added fresh rosemary as the oils were cooling. I also stirred in the almond oil at this point. Once the oil was cool, I strained out the rosemary, added peppermint (just a few drops, it is strong) and sweet orange essential oils and tried to whip the butter as instructed in other body recipes that I had researched. Nothing happened. I was about to give up and just let the oil harden when I had an idea.



I placed the oil mixture outside (it’s cold…it’s Minnesota) and let it partially set up. At that point, I tried whipping it again in the kitchen aid mixer and, success! A beautiful body butter, so simple to make, smelling delicious and with a texture that was like clouds of silk.

*Because of the popularity of this recipe on pinterest, I am getting many, many questions that are more suited for an expert. This is a raw food site, this was my first attempt at body butter, it worked better than I could have hoped for and if you make this recipe as stated, it will work great for you too!! I am sorry but I can’t answer the technical questions. Cheers!*

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR BODY BUTTER WHIPPING: you probably rushed this step. It needs to be cooled significantly….like in the picture.

I have to admit, I am pretty excited at how easy it is to make. I used sweet orange, lemon and lavender in my second batch. Heavenly. You can just use the basic recipe and add your favorite essential oils. Just make sure they are skin friendly!

A few people have asked about jars. I use these: Weck Jars




  1. You can use what ever oils you wish, just make sure you keep the ratio 75% solid to 25% liquid. SO IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE ABOVE LISTED OILS, JUST REPLACE THEM WITH AN OIL THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO. Just make sure you replace a solid for a solid and a liquid for a liquid.
  2. The chilling step is crucial. If you don’t chill it properly, it won’t whip or stay whipped. About 20 minutes in the freezer usually does the trick for this batch. Make sure you scrape down the sides before mixing.
  3. Since this recipe does not contain any water, it will not mold. You should keep in a cool place but it does not have to be refrigerated.
  4. I do not know the exact shelf life but I know it will keep at least a few months, plus.
  5. The body butter melts as it goes on and gets a little oily but absorbs beautifully, quickly and leaves your skin very soft.
  6. You can order the shea butter here: Raw Shea Butter

You can order the coconut oil here: Coconut Oil

You can order the almond oil here:  Almond Oil

You can order the Weck Jars here:  Weck Jars

Alternatively, coconut oil and almond oil are quite easy to locate at your local coop, Whole Foods or health food store.

  1. This recipe has been tested many times. If you don’t follow the recipe, you will not get the same results.
  2. Many people ask for exact amounts of essential oils. I start with at least 20 drops of what ever oil I want to use and just increase slowly until I am happy with how it smells. So…be free! Use your own creativity here.


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  1. Debbie ashlock wrote on June 22, 2016

    I’m trying to make body butters as a gift for my family. I bought unrefined shea butter but no matter what essential oils I add to it it still smells like strong shea butter. Should I use ivory refined shea butter? Help!

  2. Sugerland wrote on June 18, 2016

    I know this is a couple months old but, one little question I hope u might help with, I have read and read that coconut oil would be considered a liquid not a sold, I know it hardens if it’s not above 72 degrees was just wondering, and as for shea I hate the smell of it also coco butter, but afraid my skind won’t take the essential oils might break me out and read raw shea is so better any help with that plz

  3. Thinki wrote on June 16, 2016

    Amazing recipe and I succeeded right away! I replaced almond oil with organic olive oil a d used Rosemary essential oil. Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful and thorough instruction! Love it!!!

  4. Lisa wrote on June 10, 2016

    All I can smell is the almond oil. What other liquid oils would you suggest.

  5. Kay Wilson wrote on June 5, 2016

    Well I obviously did something wrong. 24 hours later and my batch is more solid, but reminds me of cake batter consistency. I put back in the refrigerator just now. Since you & obviously me (lol) have no clue what was done previously, suggestions of how to remedy will be welcomed, idk maybe add more shea and coconut? Would love to salvage this batch & not waste precious oils. Thank you!

    • Aline wrote on June 5, 2016

      I would freeze it 20 min and whip it again until you get the consistency you like. It takes a lot of whippimg but I’ve made many batches and they stay fluffy.

  6. Mel wrote on May 29, 2016

    Can I also use this recipe for the face?

  7. Beth wrote on May 15, 2016

    This body butter has been a wonderful help in healing my 95 year old mother’s delicate skin.
    Thank you

  8. Millie Valentine wrote on May 10, 2016

    Does your body butter stay creamy or does it go back to a hard state

    • HerbalMama wrote on May 23, 2016

      Does not stay creamy/whipped,

      • Lou Whitcomb wrote on June 5, 2016

        If you live in a warm climate you have to keep it refrigerated, or if you keep your house over 72 degrees. I love it and makes great gifts.

      • Susan wrote on May 24, 2016

        Hi, HerbalMama, I have made over 20 batches of this as have thousands of others. I have never had a problem with it staying together. Maybe you didn’t chill it enough? Cheers!


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