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Raw Guacamole Dip Sandwiches with Smoked Red Pepper “Cheese” Sauce and Chipotle Buns

On Monday, I wrote a long post about growing herbs in pots. And then, this happened. The herb post will have to wait. You need this recipe.


Raw, Vegan Guac Sandwich with Smoked Red Pepper "Cheese" Sauce


Raw Vegan Guac Sandwiches with Smoked Red Pepper "Cheese" Sauce


The recipe for the buns are here, too. I am pretty excited about them. They are made with from veggies and have a wonderful bread-like texture. The guacamole dip and the Smoked Red Pepper “Cheese” Sauce? I had to restrain myself from eating them with a spoon.

I won’t make you wait any longer. Don’t be intimidated by this recipe. If you make the buns the day before, it comes together very quickly. Did I mention they are chipotle buns? And don’t forget to soak your cashews.

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  1. rawevelieneraw wrote on January 25, 2018

    thank you for this recipe it was soooooo good i put a foto un instagram for others so they wil not mis this yummmmmmm


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