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Raw Orange Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

I have been having a craving for oranges lately. Big juicy oranges. Maybe it is because we are actually starting to get hints of spring, or maybe because I just need some citrus. I also was longing for some new and interesting breakfast ideas. It’s been a long winter! I bought a big bag of oranges and put together this raw food recipe for Orange Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding. It’s a hit. Honestly, you could eat it any time of the day but it made a beautiful breakfast for me this morning. I topped this with the granola recipe from Rawmazing Transitional Foods.




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  1. Stacy wrote on April 5, 2016

    Quick Question:
    When you juiced your oranges, did you use an actual juicer machine or a hand reamer to juice them? I am making it now, hope you are around 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. annette wrote on September 25, 2015

    do you ever provide the nutritional info? i always like to see that before i do anything.



    • Susan wrote on September 27, 2015

      Hi, Annette, Since none of the on-line nutritional info calculators that are online and most websites use are not accurate, I do not use them. Cheers!

  3. stephanie maricich wrote on April 10, 2014

    regarding your raw orange chia seed breakfast pudding 🙂
    I don’t know what a nut milk bag is? Though I feel sheepish for not knowing can you explain?
    Thank you so much

    • Susan wrote on May 6, 2014

      It is a mesh bag that you strain the nut pulp out of the nut milk with. We carry them in the Rawmazing store. Cheers!

  4. Judith wrote on April 4, 2014

    Just made this and it is delicious. I didn’t have peas so I hooped a big handful of cilantro and it still tasted great. Thanks!!!

  5. Caroline Davis wrote on October 28, 2013


    I would like permission, please, to include some of your recipes in an e-book I am making in raw food diet and recipes. I would of course, indicate where I got the recipe and accompanying photo.


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