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Meet Susan

There is a beauty and grace in simplicity.

Whether it’s how you live, how you eat, or how you move through this world, simplicity creates peace, joy, and health.

After years of complicating my life with the endless search to be “filled”, I have come to a place of grace and have a true joy for life. I move with an open heart and a desire to share what I have learned — and am still learning — along the way.

It is my truest desire to help you to be inspired. To bring health, joy, peace, and beauty into your life.

Seven years ago, when I started Rawmazing, I had found a way of eating that helped heal my past digressions with food. At that time, all I knew was that I loved raw food and the way it made me feel. I read everything I could, bought every book I could find (they were few and far between at that time) and started on a journey that not only brought me better health, but also started a love affair with the creation of recipes made from whole, plant-based, raw food.

Driven to Learn

As my life evolved, I was driven to learn more about the food I was preparing and how it affects our bodies and our health. I enrolled in T. Collin Campbell’s Plant Based Nutrition Course through Cornell’s E-school. What I learned not only supported the daily experience I was having from eating plant based food, but also gave me knowledge to support a whole food, plant-based way of life.

It also helped relieve some of the “raw food guilt” that I had when eating cooked food as I learned that, properly prepared, some cooked food can have great health benefits.  It helped me to strengthen my desire to have a diet including both the raw food I love and healthy cooked food. Learn more about why I’ve chosen to embrace cooked food as well as raw.

It wasn’t a big departure as I have never promoted a 100% raw diet long term. And I have found a wonderful balance by eating raw and whole food, plant-based cooked food.

The Beginning of My Journey

Changing my diet wasn’t the end of the journey, it was the beginning of a journey into a whole food, plant-based life! I completed my Rouxbe Plant Based Professional Cooking Certification and developed a deep desire to start incorporating more cooked recipes into the site.

But it didn’t stop there. I have learned so much in my many trips around the sun. So much about living with grace, about simplifying but not depriving. About the beauty and grace you can create in your life not by constantly adding, but by finding out what brings you joy. I want to share what I have learned and also introduce you to people who have great gifts and wonderful ideas to offer to you.

It is with deep gratitude that I invite you to my site. I am so glad you are on this journey with me. I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

A Few Fun Facts

  • I recently married the love of my life, Peter, on September 24, 2015. Never think that love has passed you by! Meeting an amazing life partner can happen at any age and I am so grateful for my husband, who, by the way, became vegan while I was studying the T. Collin Campbell course.
  • I was born and raised in Minnesota but now live in the San Francisco East Bay Area. I love it here but miss fall and winter and the snow! And especially my mother, Cora. Frequent trips are necessary.
  • I have two grown daughters, Mia and Kaia, who now live in California and Utah. If you were to ask me what my greatest life achievement has been, I would say giving birth to these two beautiful human beings and being lucky enough to be on their journey with them. They are beyond amazing and I love seeing the incredible women they have become.
  • I have also recently been blessed with two outstanding stepsons, Alex and Chris. They bring such a fun and interesting dimension to all of our lives. They are intelligent, caring human beings and I love that we are all a family.
  • We have two wonderful dogs, Atlas, our Kuvasz, and Sadie, our little Pug. Animals are a huge part of my life and I adore all four-legged friends. They bring such peace and unconditional love into our lives, daily.
  • I am an award winning professional food photographer. You can see my work here: and I plan on expanding this part of my life into the blog!
  • I am vegan and strive to have a vegan lifestyle but I am not perfect. I will not judge people for where they are in their journey. I would prefer to extend my hand and help you learn about this lifestyle rather than condemn you. I believe in love and acceptance for wherever you are in your journey.

>As far as the rest of it? I recharge in nature, love to learn, love sewing, knitting, painting, playing the harp and piano, and just about any type of creating that I can do.

I have successfully grown my first limes and lemons and have an amazing herb garden growing in pots. For a Minnesota girl, this is a big deal.

I love that you are here.

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Thank You for Visiting!

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  1. janet wrote on December 27, 2014

    Hi Susan,
    Love your site. So inspiring – as is your story.
    I have been vegan for 4 (maybe 5 – somehow I lost track of time – but
    it was January 1st that I began the vegan journey.
    So glad that you are a vegan.

    Just one question – re honey. It is not vegan – what do you all
    substitute? As a foodie – I’m s u r e Susan that you find it
    difficult to keep to completely raw. Good that you figured out a way
    to do it.
    For now – I’m prepping myself to become a raw foodist for New Years
    this Jan 1, 2015. I’m exploring sites and recipes and starting to eat that way
    now so – you and your site are an InsPiration!!
    All the Best,
    Thank You!!!

  2. Rosemary Burton wrote on September 10, 2014

    How old are you in your picture? Have you noticed the clock stopping or ticking a little slower as you have eaten mostly raw?

    • Susan wrote on September 10, 2014

      I am 54. I was 52 in that picture. So, it was taken 2 years ago. Cheers!

  3. Bonnie Deahl wrote on May 22, 2014

    Susan, your site is well done and so informative. I find myself coming back here for inspiration. I see that you may also be taking the new Rouxbe plant based cert course. I’m in the first class and think I have recognized you there. Great stuff we are learning. The breads and crackers are new to me. I find that I have to dehydrate much longer than on the recipes in general..but results are still good. What are your favorite flatbread or cracker recipes? Do you like using chia or flax in crackers?

    • Susan wrote on May 26, 2014

      Hi, Bonnie, I am in the second class, I believe. It is so much fun, no? I have a bunch of flat bread and cracker recipes on the site. You can use the recipe index to find them. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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