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Apple Cranberry “Cheesecake”

Needing to come up with a menu for a raw food dessert class that I recently taught, I decided to whip up a “cheesecake” recipe. It was actually pretty easy. And taste? The class was blown away. The crust is almonds and dates, and the base of the “cheesecake” is cashews! Don’t worry, I added apples and dried cranberries for that hit of fruit. The result? A healthy, tasty dessert that will be completely at home on your Thanksgiving or Holiday table. The consensus of the class is that non-raw people would never guess that this is raw, vegan or healthy!




Don’t be intimidated by this one, one serving is equivalent to only eating 1/4 C cashews and 1/8 C of almonds! Cashews are a good source of protein, fiber and also potassium, B vitamin, foliate, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium and copper.

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  1. Jayne wrote on November 9, 2015

    I don’t have a dehydrator that has a temperature on it. How would you recommend dehydrating the fruit in the oven?



  2. Victoria wrote on August 20, 2014

    This recipe was a HIT at the office. It was surprisingly light and fresh tasting. One of my co-workers gave me the “mean-mug” look when I listed the ingredients-she ended up really liking this desert-although she feels it should be called Cashew-cake! I will definately make this again! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rebecca wrote on November 27, 2013

    Would it destroy the recipe to leave out the lemon juice? My mother is allergic to citrus but I am dying to make her a cheesecake for christmas! This sounds and looks amazing,so if anyone has tied it or has a replacement for the lemon I would love to hear.


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