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Raw Buckwheat Treats

One of the best things about starting this blog has been meeting all of the wonderful people out there who have become readers! Caleb Simpson, photographer and rock climber extraordinaire, has made quite a few recipes from the site and always provided great feed back. The other day, he e-mailed me to let me know that he had made a really good snack that every one loved. Thus was born THE GUEST BLOG!


Caleb is an active rock climber (how about some pictures of that, Caleb) who is alway looking for compact, raw foods to carry along with him. Since they often hike in to the spot there they are going to climb, the weight of what he carries is important. He tried purchasing some raw granola, which worked well but the $7 price tag was more than he wanted to spend. But he fell in love with the idea of the granola because it was packed with so many calories and still so light. So, he decided to make his own! He says, “This recipe is fairly inexpensive to make compared to the $7 store bought bag. It’s great for snacking on, and you can use the crumbs that break off in the bag as cereal. This raw, energy packed treat will now be a staple good on all my rock climbing and backpacking trips.” You can see Caleb’s blog at:


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  1. rawevelieneraw wrote on January 24, 2018

    very tasty. They are still in the dryer but had to taste. can not wait until they are ready. My whole dryer is full of recipes from you. I’ll let you know how it tasted with each recipe and post a photo tomorrow on instagram of course with your name and website.


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