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Cacao Smoothie Green Drink

You are looking at a very easy way to incorporate one of the the most overlooked, necessary elements of our diet, greens. Quick, simple and packed with nutrition, green drinks are a quick way to incorporate more raw into your diet. Drink your spinach. I do almost every morning.


Cacao Smoothie


Preparing this drink in class is always fun. I love the look on people’s faces, as I toss two huge handfuls of spinach into the Vitamix.  We are going to drink that? Add a banana, a few dates and some cacao and you have a delicious, very nutritious drink that amazes everyone.

Spinach is very low in calories but packs a nutritional punch. It is a rich source of calcium, iron, and even protein. It’s amino acid score is 119 indicating a good source of complete protein. In fact, spinach is almost half protein!

The addition of Cacao provides more amazing benefits. Cacao is so loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, and provides many benefits. It is a form of raw chocolate so if you are sensitive to chocolate use in moderation.

Whip this up for breakfast, lunch or when ever you need a bit of a boost. Just don’t tell people what is in it!

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  1. Steph wrote on March 13, 2015

    How much cacao to use? I don’t understand what T. means?

    • Susan wrote on March 13, 2015

      Hi, Steph, a capitol T is a common abbreviation for tablespoon. Cheers!

  2. DaeTara D. wrote on April 24, 2013

    Love this smoothie, made it this morning with nopalina, hemp seeds and Chia seeds


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