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Cacao Walnut Cookies

I was going to write “cookies” and leave it at that. Seriously, do we need any more words? Cookies have played a large part in many people’s lives. I recently asked some friends what their favorite cookie memory was. The stories that came back were great. Everyone had a very vivid memory involving cookies and family. My favorite story involved a little boy that decided to run away from home. His sister and mother started baking cookies. He didn’t make it past the porch before the smell hit him and his adventure was averted.




We have a deep psychological connection to certain foods. Those foods are usually the most difficult to eliminate as we are on our journey to better health. So how do we deal with those cravings?

Eating a raw food diet doesn’t mean having to give up the foods that we love. With a little creativity and know how, recipes can be converted and cravings fulfilled in a much healthier way! These wonderful cookies are made from almond flour. (Ground up almonds) with a little cacao and wonderful healthy walnuts. A great recipe to add to your raw food collection. Enjoy!

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  1. Yassir islam wrote on December 23, 2012

    Had some almond flour in the fridge so made a quick batch of these. Yes, i wondered too about the olive oil vs. coconut oil, but figured that would be a change, and Susan would not have put this recipe up without testing it first. And they came out great-the walnuts add a bit of a crunch texture to what would otherwise be a more typical chewy raw cookie. This is already one of my favourite raw cookie recipes. So instead of wondering why she has used what, just make ’em and let your taste buds do the thinking!

  2. DeDe Halfhill wrote on November 15, 2012


    What agave do you use? Thanks!

  3. Margaret wrote on October 1, 2012

    These cookies are amazing! I brought them to a progressive dinner party where most the people there (other than my parents) have propably never even heard of a raw food diet, and they all loved them. One woman even said, “these are THE BEST cookies!”
    I did make a couple changes… I used a mix of cacao, carob and mesquite instead of just cacao, and I realized afterwards that I forgot to add the water. The mixture seemed to be a little thick but they still turned out really nice.
    I’m so excited to make these again (properly). Thanks for an awesome recipe Susan!

  4. m wrote on July 18, 2011

    sounds good yuck agave, will replace with dates from the farmers market not something processed with a barcode.

    • Susan wrote on July 18, 2011

      I have an agave that I use that I feel very good about using. It is organic and yes, raw and no, not like high fructose corn syrup. People forget that dates are extremely high in sugars. Everyone has their own preferences. 🙂

  5. Allyson N. Jason wrote on April 24, 2011

    These look great and I would love to try these. I am wondering if a dehydrator is always needed for raw cookie recipes. Many that I’ve seen for far require the aid of a dehydrator to finish the cookies off, thus getting them to a nice texture.

    I am intrigued with the natural taste and texture of making raw cookies and have just started venturing into this and would like to get my hands “dirty,” so to speak, with some good recipes.

    But I don’t have a dehydrator and am wondering if these can be placed in the refrigerator as a substitution for the use of a dehydrator?

    • Susan wrote on April 24, 2011

      This recipe was specifically made to make in a dehydrator. There are others that don’t need a dehydrator.


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