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Cinnamon Orange Energy Bars with Orange White Cacao Frosting

I am alway amazed at the difference in people’s body types, and their ability to burn or store their calories. I store, my sweetie burns. Maybe it is because he runs (fast) over 16 miles a week and throws in 3 weight workouts on top of it. But even if he didn’t, I can guarantee that if we ate the same amount, I would put on weight and he would maintain.


energy bars


Part of that is the difference between men and woman but part is just simply biological. I am what is referred to in the horse world as “an easy keeper” meaning I don’t need many calories to sustain my weight.

When we are both eating high raw, my guy will start to drop weight. I have to work to get enough calories on his plate. And being vegan, when eating out for business lunches, if he is at a restaurant that doesn’t have vegan options, he ends up with a salad that just isn’t enough.


energy bars Raw Energy Bars


Yesterday, I decided that it was time to make him some super healthy energy bars because I can’t bare to have him eat any that have processed ingredients. I whipped up some almond butter, and got to work on making a delicious, protein-filled, calorie packed bar. Nuts, seeds, raw oats, and some lovely orange and cinnamon to top it off, these bars are full of nutritional powerhouse stars!

You can eat them as is or frost them with the lovely orange white chocolate glaze. I love them with the topping! There are quite a few ingredients but believe me, these go together very quickly! Pretty much dump and stir.

Each bar (unfrosted) has approximately 184 calories, with 6 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fat. Low fat they are not, high energy, they are! Eliminating the coconut oil will reduce the fat by about 2 grams per serving.

Equipment needed:


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  1. Bettena wrote on May 5, 2013

    Made this tonight dry as we speake. Used dried apricots as I did not have raisins…Yummy!

  2. Hannah wrote on May 3, 2013

    I am an absolute fool for the flavor of cocoa butter. No shame here, I would total smear that frosting on toast in the morning.

  3. Lin wrote on May 3, 2013

    When do I cut them into bars? Before drying overnight or after? Do I peel them off the parchment befor drying? They taste GREAT just the way they are. Thank you so much for your recipes and wonderful pictures.

    • Susan wrote on May 3, 2013

      You can cut them into bars when ever you want. You should remove the parchment prior to drying ie. “remove to drying racks” means remove from parchment.

  4. Ginny wrote on May 3, 2013

    I don’t have raw cacao butter but I have coconut butter. You are very specific to say not to use it. Can you tell me why? I’m really wanting to try it.

    • Susan wrote on May 3, 2013

      You certainly are free to use coconut butter but it’s taste and texture are completely different that white cacao butter. I wanted a white chocolate – orange frosting so that is how I wrote the recipe. Cheers!

  5. Mary wrote on May 2, 2013

    Thanks for sharing another great recipe, I am new at trying raw food so far I am enjoying it.
    Regarding this recipe, it is very hard to find hemp seeds where I am. what would you suggest?

    • Susan wrote on May 2, 2013

      You could try adding more chia.

  6. Susan wrote on May 2, 2013

    Have you tried soaking them? Not sure what would sub in for this recipe.

  7. Kate wrote on May 2, 2013

    Thanks for the reply — I don’t eat any grains. They give me some digestive issues : -/

  8. Judy wrote on May 2, 2013

    What could be substituted for the cacao? we don’t do any caffeine. for our chocolate I use raw carob powder.
    Thank you.

  9. mainecoonluv wrote on May 2, 2013

    Your recipes are wonderful and these look absolutely delicious, as well!

    You are THE best at combining wonderful flavors!


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