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Curry Carrot Salad

I am not even going to try to pretend. I am a flavor junkie who is always in search of different taste combinations that delight the palate. I love experimenting with food and coming up with new raw food recipes. Or new healthy twists on old recipes.

It seems that the healthier I eat, the more I want to challenge myself. And my latest challenge is to seriously cut down on fat but still feel like I am eating a luxurious meal.


carrot salad


You see, I have passed the 50 mark. In fact, I passed it a couple of years ago. Things change and even the term “healthy fat” takes on a whole new meaning. Is it an oxymoron? Not in every case. But I believe that we are drawn to believe that since things like nuts and coconut oil are considered to have health benefits, we don’t need to worry how much we consume.

I always cringe when people think that just because it’s raw (ie the desserts we all love so much), I can have a raw cheesecake for breakfast and it’s still healthy. If you would normally sit down to a bowl of cashews, coconut oil and sweetener for breakfast, then by all means go for it. But I would highly suggest that a better breakfast would be one that served up a whole dose of nutrients including the wonderful phytonutrients we get from fruits, veggies and greens.


carrot salad


Don’t get me wrong. Raw desserts are fabulous. But they are desserts and should be treated as such. Too many desserts, dehydrated nut-based crackers and the like can tip the scales in an undesirable way. Both for your weight and for your health.

That said, there are healthy ways to use nuts to add that little hint of creamy decadence that we all love. This delightful curry carrot salad has only 4 grams of fat per serving. The carrots are spiked with pea pods, pineapple, raisins and scallions and topped off with a delicious spicy curry sauce. Great for lunch or dinner, this salad is another recipe that you could easily take as a dish to pass and share, or entertain with! I am planning on bringing it to a get-together on Monday night!

If you love playing with ingredients, you will love my favorite go to book, The Flavor Bible. Look up your favorite food and it will tell you all of the other flavors that compliment it best. I could not survive in my kitchen without it.


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