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One of the best things that starts happening when we add more raw foods to our diet is our body starts to clean out. No longer bombarded by the added chemicals in processed food, or the altered chemicals in cooked food, we start to feel cleaner, lighter and have more energy. The desire for more raw food kicks in and we are well on our way to better health.




Your outside deserves the same treatment that your inside is getting. We are becoming aware that many of the cosmetics and lotions that we put on our bodies are filled with chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ. It is very permeable. Take a minute and  think about how the patch works. You need a medicine, they put it in a patch, you put that patch on your skin and you adsorb the medicine that is in the patch. The point? The chemicals go right through your skin. Conclusion? You are adsorbing the chemicals in the lotions you put on your body!




As the weather changes and my skin starts to dry out, my favorite shower companion is a salt oil rub. I use it at the very end of my shower and it leaves my skin beautifully smooth, polished and moisturized. You can buy these over the counter but once again, they are filled with fragrance, etc. And they are expensive! Why not make your own. It is simple and inexpensive! All you need is a little coarse sea salt, some oil (almond is my favorite) and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. This makes a wonderful gift, too.

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  1. simonec wrote on November 8, 2010

    i’ve been making this sort of thing for nearly 12 years now, varying the oils…olive oil and hemp oil are both nice as well, but i think i like combining almond oil and hemp oil together the best. with a little aromatherapy knowledge you can also come up with wonderful scents using 2-3 oils (1 drop lavender oil, 1 drop rose oil or absolute and 1-2 drops jasmine oil or absolute is a wonderful combination or if you want something warming 1-2 drops sweet orange oil, with 1 drop each nutmeg and ginger oil).

  2. El wrote on November 2, 2009

    What a great idea! I love the idea of controlling the scent and the ingredients!

  3. AMy Oscar wrote on October 31, 2009

    Oh, this sounds so heavenly… and I was just going in to run a bath. I’m going to make a little jar of this with rose essential oil. Perfect timing. And what a great Christmas gift this will make for my beautiful girls!

  4. GirlonRaw wrote on October 31, 2009

    Hey nice post. I might have to use it someday 🙂


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