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Herb Salt! My New Obsession. And the Contest Winner!

*We have a winner! Melissa Class of Wisconsin is the lucky recipient of Judita Wignall’s Raw Food Detox!*

This spring, I planted herbs. A lot of herbs, all in pots. I had no idea how they would do as it it is our first full summer in our new home. And the weather here is interesting. We can have a 15 degree difference between the front of the house and the back during the day. The back, where the pots are, can get unbelievably hot. Then the very next day, it can be 35 degrees colder! I planted all of the little herb babies and hoped for the best.


herb salt


I have 3 types of oregano (and if you have never cooked with fresh oregano, oh boy is it good), 2 types of parsley, a ton of basil, two types of sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, tarragon and three types of mint. The cilantro bit the dust. I didn’t realize it didn’t like heat. Next year.

About a month ago, the herbs started going a little crazy. And now they are having a pure growing party! Which is exciting. And at the same time a bit overwhelming because I don’t want to see any of those beauties go to waste!

I jumped on the internet and started googling what to do with fresh herbs. As you can imagine, I was not at a loss for recipes. But I needed something that was going to use a lot of herbs, not just a sprinkling. I came across recipes for herb salt and I was intrigued. Not only did they use a lot of herbs, they have a great shelf life. I tried one. I am now completely obsessed.


Herb Salt Recipe


I am obsessed because they taste amazing and can be used so many different ways. But also because the possibilities are unlimited. My first herb salt was the traditional Tuscan Herb Salt. Rosemary, sage and garlic are the stars. I branched out to parsley and garlic salt, basil salt, and a delicious “Herbs de Provence” salt made from rosemary, thyme, lavender and savory. You can even add lemon zest! The possibilities are mind boggling.

One of the best tips I have heard about cutting down on salt is to not salt when you are cooking but use your salt sparingly to dress your dish after it is done. That way, you get the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. You taste the salt but so much less is needed. And with these herb salts, the flavor is so intense that you only need a little bit. I also cut way back on the salt in my recipe. Most recipes call for 4 to 5 times the salt that I used! I found that you needed very little salt to get great results.


Herb Salt


I have sprinkled herb salts on all kinds of raw veggies and even popcorn (no…not raw). It is raw, so works great for raw recipes. It also works great for vegan recipes that are cooked. Last night we had a beautiful sliced heirloom tomato sprinkled with the salt. It was divine. It is also great on an ear of corn. It keeps beautifully and a little goes a long way. I truly hope you will try this recipe. Your taste buds will be thanking you.

Note: This can also be done in a food processor, but I like using a knife much better. It gives me more control. It is very easy to over-process this so be careful!


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  1. Sam wrote on April 18, 2020

    Looks amazing! I only have fine pink Himalayan salt. Will that work?

  2. christine wrote on August 3, 2015

    I definitely will try this…does it need to be stored in the fridge? I always store my food to keep in glass containers, and I am thinking that with the oiliness of the garlic it might need the cold.

    • Susan wrote on August 3, 2015

      Hi, Christine, The garlic completely dries out so I just store mine in a cool, dark place. Not the fridge. Cheers!

  3. Laura Black wrote on July 31, 2015

    I am an herb fanatic, too! I love fresh herbs, and what I can’t grow in my garden I buy locally at my favorite farmer’s market. I struggled with cilantro, too. Here on Maui, the heat has been extraordinary and cilantro always bolts on me. Maybe my winter will have better luck! I have a year round growing season (yes, I know, a huge blessing)! 🙂 I love the herb salt idea. I never used enough of my herbs and would dry the excess. Herb salts will certainly broaden my options!

  4. Jon wrote on July 22, 2015

    Great recipe! Keep them coming!

    • Susan wrote on July 22, 2015

      Thanks, Jon! I sure will! 🙂

  5. Danielle wrote on July 21, 2015

    How long does it keep?

    • Susan wrote on August 15, 2015

      If everything is dried, it will keep for months. 🙂

    • Susan wrote on July 22, 2015

      If dried throughly, it should keep as long as you would keep dried herbs. The only wild card is the garlic so make sure it is super dry before you bottle it. Cheers!

  6. Irene wrote on July 20, 2015

    As italian girl I can say: YESSSSSSS! PERFECT ideas, awesome! Thank you for sharing!


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