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Pear Arugula Savory Tart with Pine Nut Crust

I have a crush. No…it’s not what you think, it’s a greens crush. Silly as it might be, I can’t seem to live without arugula.


Raw Arugula Pear Tart


Arugula finds its way into many of the meals I make. I throw it on my sandwiches (as it loves my humus spread and cucumbers), toss up salads with it and throw it into my veggie pastas. Arugula’s peppery, nutty, sweet taste pairs well with a number of different things and breaths life into dishes that your average greens can’t.


Raw Arugula Pear Tart


Arugula is also a nutritional feast. It is high in vitamins A, C and K, loaded with phytonutrients, and has some impressive minerals, too. And here’s a fun fact: Arugula was thought to be an aphrodisiac by the early Romans who ate this green believing that it was a sensual enhancer! Maybe that explains my crush?


Raw Arugula Pear Tart


For this savory tart, I paired the arugula with pears and pine nuts, two ingredients it loves. The result is a tasty savory tart with a hint of sweet. Pears and arugula play off each other in a spirited, tasty way.

As the holidays are fast approaching, I wanted to give you a recipe that is sophisticated enough for your best company yet simple to make. This dish is a bit high in fat (due to the nuts) but there are no added oils. Do consume appropriately. You can also make mini-tarts with this recipe for a great appetizer.

You will love the combination of sweet and savory. And don’t forget…you want baby arugula. It has a better flavor. Enjoy!


Raw Arugula Pear Tart


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  1. Jacqueline wrote on February 17, 2015

    Oh my god I swear arugula is my vegetable crush too. I have to eat it everyday or I will go crazy.

  2. Emily wrote on March 29, 2014

    Also Susan, if you could please tell me what to add to the crust to dry it out more cos mine came out too pasty/doughy & its mushy & not setting, I dont wanna add more nuts & I dont know if desicated coconut would be the right thing, please help.

    • Susan wrote on March 30, 2014

      Emily, if it is too pasty, you can either put it in the dehydrator to dry out a bit or not add as much liquid. Cheers!


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