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Pear Walnut Raw Crackers with Raw Pear Fig Compote

Walnuts, and pears come together beautifully in these tasty little raw crackers. Highlighted with cinnamon, sage, cracked pepper and a pinch of salt (himalayan) and topped with a raw fig-pear compote, I mean, who doesn’t like figs, they are the perfect little treat for tea. Well, if you don’t have time for tea, they make a great little snack any time of the day.



This little pear fig compote comes together quickly and is the perfect topping to compliment the crackers. A quick whirl in the food processor and you have a lovely, thick, tasty spread. Just two ingredients, pears and dried figs!




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  1. Marnie wrote on January 7, 2014

    my body has never liked oats, but all the other ingredients sound so good!! i’ve been struggling when making substitutions lately in recipes. seems i can’t quite picture the right replacement. can you suggest something i could do instead of oats? i’m not really concerned with “raw”…i just really like dehydrated crackers. so healthy.

  2. Susan wrote on May 9, 2013

    Without being able to see what you did, it’s a little hard to advise… 🙂

  3. rhonda wrote on May 9, 2013

    I tried this recipe but it did not look the same. It tasted nice but lacked presentation your thoughts?


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