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Raw Almond Joy’s from Sanctuary Bistro!

Compassionate Living:

“Check in with those whom you love and make sure they are okay. Ask how people are. Listen when you can…and try not to react. This is their moment and belief. Even if you don’t agree, listening helps people feel supported. Why not stop in with a mini Rawlmond Joy treat, a sweet treat, and a sweet gesture?”

From “Sanctuary Bistro’s Recipes for Every Day Living: An Easy and Loving Approach to Gluten-Free Veganism” by Chef Barry Horton and Jennifer Jones Horton

Raw Almond Joy

I am very excited to bring you Chef Barry Horton’s recipe for Rawlmond Joy Treats. These delicious little raw treats are great to have on hand when you want a little something sweet. The recipe comes from their newly released cookbook, “Sanctuary Bistro’s Recipes for Every Day Living”.

I recently visited Sanctuary Bistro, my favorite Bay Area vegan restaurant and posted a beautiful tour of the restaurant with pictures of the food, the restaurant and the story behind the restaurant. Chef Barry Horton and his wife, Jennifer Jones Horton have created a space that not only serves delicious gluten-free vegan food, it also reflects their passion to support small businesses and create a sanctuary where people are not just customers, they become friends. To see the restaurant, their food and to learn their story, click here: Sanctuary Bistro.

Raw Almond Joy


Chef Barry and his wife Jennifer have put together a wonderful cookbook filled with gluten-free, plant-based recipes from their wonderful restaurant, Sanctuary Bistro. I must say, I was very excited when I found out that Chef Barry was sharing so many of his recipes and I am thrilled to have a copy. You can buy their cookbook here: “Sanctuary Bistro’s Recipes for Every Day Living”.

We are also having a Give-Away of one of the cookbooks! Click here and go to the end of the post to win: Sanctuary Bistro

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  1. Zdenka wrote on July 10, 2017

    Hi Susan? thank you for the recepie. I just put them in the fridge.

    Have a beautiful day.

  2. Lucy wrote on June 21, 2017

    Oh man! I may have to make these this weekend! Thanks for sharing! Yum-oh!

    • ariel wrote on June 22, 2017

      can I sub for maple syrup? Agave is not very good for you…

      • Susan wrote on June 22, 2017

        I would think so. I no longer use agave, either. I can check with the chef. Cheers!


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