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Raw Dessert Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Torte

I love teaching. It gives me a chance to see and interact with people as they are experiencing raw food recipes. I love the energy and the exchange of ideas.



Last night I taught a class at Lakewinds Natural Foods on Desserts. I wanted to create a class that would teach people the basics so they could branch off and use what they learned to make their own recipes! We started with a cashew cream. I showed them how to turn that into a chia seed pudding, and then cashew whipping cream. From there, we made a basic nut crust that when combined with the cashew whipped cream and filling ingredients, became a Cranberry Pecan Tart! Topped off with a great chocolate ganache, the class was thrilled to learn these basics that they can use in their raw food kitchens.

Wanting a fun and festive recipe, I came up with the idea for the tart while planning the class. What could be more festive than cranberries during the holidays? Tarts are simple and beautiful. You will be amazed at how easy this is to throw together, and how much your family and friends will love it!


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  1. Leda wrote on March 3, 2015

    What can I substitute for agave ?

    • Susan wrote on March 4, 2015

      You can try coconut nectar or possibly maple syrup (not raw). Cheers!


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