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Raw Egglessnog

Our holiday raw food recipe quest continues with dairy free, healthy “eggnog”. Christmas has always been magical for me. Every room of our home was decorated with beautiful garlands and Christmas cheer. My mother turned into the Christmas Angel and our home was stunning with it’s magical transformation. Along with the decorations, came the food and drinks. Tom & Jerry’s (made with vanilla for me), eggnog, dozens of different cookies. Christmas wasn’t just a holiday, it was a month long event.


Raw Food Recipe: Eggless Nog


I have continued this tradition for my family. Boxes of decorations and ornaments make their way out of storage and our home begins it’s own transformation. Pine garlands, lights, and wreaths on every door, inside and out. As the decorating starts, I find myself craving the traditional holiday beverages. But the traditional recipes are not exactly healthy. Milk, cream, sugar and eggs. Sounds divine but not for my heart or my waist. So, with the inspiration from my friend, Joanna from Fresh Blessings, I give you the raw food, healthy version of eggnog. Dairy free, sweetened with dates, a little agave, and loaded with healthy ingredients and nutrients. I have served this to my non-raw friends and they love it. Toast the holidays to health with this wonderful beverage.

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  1. Cynthia wrote on October 8, 2013

    I was surprised to find eggnog in my local grocery store. It is only the middle of October! The ‘season’ seems to sneak in earlier every year! I am excited to make my own raw ‘nog’ . However I can’t eat coconut anymore as it makes me ill. Do you have any suggestions that I could try? I am going to have so much fun making all of your recipes! Me, the person who does not like cooking!!
    Thank you Susan.


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