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Raw Food Recipe: Zucchini Carrot Flat Bread

The flat breads that I make in the dehydrator have become a staple of my raw food diet. They are easy to make, and can store for weeks. Nutritionally, they dramatically outshine any type of “baked” bread or cracker. They are so convenient they could be considered “fast” raw food. There is a little preparation that goes into making the breads but once you get into the rhythm of making them, you will be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate flat breads into your diet.


zucchini carrot crackers



Flat breads can be savory or sweet.  Look at the ingredients and you will be amazed at both how simple and healthy they are. This bread, like the Cinnamon Pomegranate Flat Bread, started out with sprouted wheat berries as it’s base. Sprouting grains brings out the highest nutritional value that they possess. Grains will take two to four days to sprout so plan accordingly. I normally have some type of sprouted seeds or grains “cooking” all the time. I love to just stack this with veggies and a little raw hummus for a quick meal.




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  1. Francine wrote on April 20, 2017

    Those looks delicious but I cannot eat wheat, can I use another sprouted cereal like buckweat? thank you,

    • kathleen crawford wrote on January 20, 2018

      yes you can use buckwheat or you can use 2 cups nuts(walnuts, pecan, almonds) grind them fine in food processor, also add 1 cup date, put in food processor

  2. Linda wrote on July 20, 2016

    This bread looks delicious and I’d love to make it but I don’t have a dehydrator. Can I do this recipe and use the oven at a low temp for a longer period of time? Thanks!


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