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Raw Food Recipe – Kale Corn Chips w Chunky Guac

When I was at the farmer’s market last week, I stumbled upon a grocery reseller who had tons of avocados for an amazingly low price. No…definitely not grown in Minnesota, but a great deal, none the less. I bought a bag and brought them home…dreaming of raw corn chips and guacamole. Well, it just so happens, that I also found some huge bunches of kale that were grown here, just picked and also at a price I couldn’t refuse. I love kale chips. I love corn chips. It didn’t take much to figure out that there were some corn kale chips in my future!



Combined with a fast to assemble, chunky guacamole, this is a perfect dish for snacking, entertaining, or even a meal! The kale gives the corn chips an additional nutritional punch. Coarse chopping the avocado and tossing it together with the tomato, onion, a little lime juice and some salt and pepper, the guacamole comes together fast.


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  1. Christina wrote on November 6, 2015

    Can we make crackers without flax seed? What can be substitute in place of Flax seed?

    • Susan wrote on November 6, 2015

      Hi, Christina, Yes, you can substitute the flax seeds with chia seeds. The amount will change, you will probably need less chia. If you get golden flax that is fresh, the taste is great. It’s the brown flax and rancid flax that tastes bitter. If you are allergic, of course that is a different story. Cheers!


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