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Raw Food Recipe: OMG Pecan Bars

I love creating raw food recipes. Most of my inspiration comes from my own cravings and recipes that I used to make. When my girls were little, I snagged a recipe for turtle bars from a great restaurant in Santa Fe. It quickly became one of our favorites. Later, a recipe from The Barefoot Contessa for pecan bars became an obsession. But with 2 lbs of butter, tons of sugar and cream, it is completely off of my list. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it once in a while. Like last night as I was falling asleep. And this morning, when I woke up.



Using elements from both recipes (pecan bars and a ganache) this recipe came together beautifully. A tasty crust made from cashews and almonds (that resembles more of a short bread crust than a raw food recipe crust), filling from raw honey and coconut butter and a layer of pecans and ganache. All I could say when I tasted them was…Oh my gosh. What is really amazing about these bars is that no one would ever guess that they are raw. Made from healthy ingredients and no dehydrator required, these simple bars will impress everyone you make them for! And they are gluten free to boot! Note: these are very sweet. A little bit goes a long way.

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  1. tryingitout wrote on September 4, 2010

    Hi Susan! I found this site and have just begun to explore, and it is amazing! I have been toying with raw for a couple of months now, and am looking for new recipes to help me along. I think I found just the one here with these pecan bars, I cant wait to make them!! Thank you!

  2. Amy Oscar wrote on September 1, 2010

    OMG is right! These look amazing. And I know how good your desserts always turn out to be. Making these TONIGHT. Now that both kids are gone, my husband and I are going 80-90 percent raw. He will love these!

  3. Susan wrote on September 1, 2010

    You can use coconut oil but it will not taste anywhere near as good. I would suggest mail order…

  4. Jeff Stewart wrote on August 31, 2010

    Great recipe and they are gluten free also!!!

  5. maggie @livingfoodjunkie wrote on August 31, 2010

    OOoo I love Barefoot Contessa too, but your right a lot of the recipes I have from her books and shows are butter, cream and sugar 🙂 I love what you did to rawify it!

  6. Lesli wrote on August 31, 2010

    Thanks so much for the great recipe that requires no dehydrator! Looks yummy. Just a quick question on nuts–I’ve read from Cafe Gratitude’s raw recipe book that except for brazil nuts and hazelnuts, all other nuts have enzyme inhibitors. Where did you learn about cashews not having them? I would love to learn about raw food info sources (ie, nuts, nutritional analysis, etc.) Thanks!

  7. Tamie Spears wrote on August 31, 2010

    Do you purchase raw cocoa powder? As in, it has never been heated or roasted? If so, what brands do you recommend and where do you buy them? Thanks!

  8. Marty wrote on August 31, 2010

    I can’t get coconut butter where I live, can the coconut oil be used in the filling instead, if not, what else?!


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