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Raw Halvah

My dear friend, Amy Oscar, who by the way is editing the Rawmazing Dessert Cookbook, sent me a raw food recipe for raw Halvah that she created. I was thrilled with the idea as sesame seeds, the main ingredient are extremely loaded with nutrients. I put a little Rawmazing twist on the recipe, including a chocolate ganache topping.



Sesame seeds are loaded with calcium. One quarter cup provides over 1/3 of the RDA for calcium. They are also rich in magnesium and copper. The oil in sesame seeds is resistant to rancidity. They are also high in fiber, and contain lingans, which are fibers that are thought to lower cholesterol.

Amy also has a wonderful website, She writes amazing uplifting stories and has a deep and beautiful insight into life.


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  1. Yvonne wrote on January 26, 2017

    Very delicious! I made it without the chocolate ganache. I ground the sesame seeds in my blender and I added 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Thanks for the recipe!


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