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Hazelnut Chocolate Raw Brownies

There are a ton of raw brownies recipes on the net that are walnut and date based. I have avoided these recipes thinking that they can’t possibly be that good. I like dates, but in small quantities. So a recipe that was pretty much dates and nuts didn’t interest me at all. All of that changed today. I am eating my words and my brownies!



I had quite a large surplus of dates left over from making some nut crusts for the new 2011 Rawmazing Calendar. Thinking now is as good of a time as any create a raw date brownie, hazelnuts were the nuts of choice for me. The thought of a “Nutella” brownie with a splash of cinnamon was an exciting proposition!

I am happy to report that the brownies turned out great. Super easy and quick to make  with a wonderful hazelnut-chocolate flavor dusted with just a hint of cinnamon. This recipe will please raw and non-raw alike. They are simply that good!


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  1. Janice wrote on August 3, 2012

    These are the best. I have non-raw foodists at work asking me to bring them in. My daughter now makes these for the kids instead of “normal” brownies. Converting people one food dish at a time! Love it. Thanks for the great recipes.

  2. danielle wrote on February 6, 2012

    We just held a small class on making nutrient dense deserts for our early childhood program and tried some variations on this recipe. All the treats are so delicous, some recipes we used prunes instead of dates- as another possibility.

    I’m wondering if you were allergic to nuts what a substitute could be as many of our recipes were nut based.
    A type of seed perhaps that could work instead?

    Thanks so much,

  3. Melsa Muse wrote on January 10, 2012

    Just came across your site the other day. I have a family full of nonbelievers in the raw/vegan food departments so I was determined to find great recipes to please all palates at the table! This one went down an absoloute treat. Beautiful treat 🙂

  4. Maria Carolina wrote on December 9, 2011

    Hi these look amazing! I was just wondering….are the hazelnuts raw or roasted?

    • Susan wrote on December 12, 2011

      The hazelnuts are raw, not roasted. 🙂

  5. Ragnhild wrote on December 8, 2011

    I LOVE this recipe!
    I just made these today (check them out on my blog), men they were amazing! loved the crumbely topping! Ill make these in the future too- thats for sure 🙂

  6. Raw Antonia wrote on December 6, 2011

    I was surprised at how easy it is to make this, by looking at the picture, i was 100% sure some dehydrating is involved at least, or that i need to soak stuff for 12 hours, but it is easy and looks absolutely splendid. This is definitely a runner up for my raw Christmas feast. I’m not such a big fan of dates either, always found them too sweet and chewy, i reckon i will be using just one cup of dates, with something else added in for balance. Maybe more coconut or hazelnuts.
    I saw someone mentioned sultanas instead of dates, aren’t those a sort of raisin? I’m not sure they’d have the right texture though, for this kind of brownie. Has anyone else tried with raisins?

  7. Kirsten wrote on December 6, 2011

    Wow these look super good, and easy! Definitely making these to share with my family over the holidays. Thanks 🙂

  8. Franz Sidney wrote on December 6, 2011

    Susan, yes, sultanas, raisins, same thing……just seedless grapes. They are very sticky and therefore they are easy to roll into little balls. Then you can coat them with coconut flour….yum.


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