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Raw Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog

Raw Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog

It’s that time of year! Temperatures are dropping and blustery winds are blowing. I don’t have the same kind of fall and winter in the bay area as I did in Minnesota, but I do get a fall and winter. It’s just different.  You wake to 48 degrees and by 3 in the afternoon it can get to 80. But as soon as the sun starts to go down, the temperatures fall as fast as the light goes away. The key to living here seems to be dressing in layers.

Last night we had a huge wind storm. Gusts of over 60 miles an hour reeked havoc all over the bay area. We took the dogs out for a quick walk and believe me, it was terrifying being out there. Branches were blowing down, power was going out and apparently 5 big rigs were blown over on the highway. Now that is some wind!

We choose to take off the chill and get toasty with this Hot Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog. Fresh hazelnut milk, fresh pumpkin and a handful of spices go into the blender and are spun up just enough to get warm. A delicious addition to a crackling fire and some nice wool socks. And a wonderful addition to your pumpkin recipes collection!

Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog

You are going need a batch of Hazelnut milk for this recipe. It is so tasty! You can find that recipe here: Hazelnut Milk

Organic Cinderella Pupkin

For this recipe, you will need a “Sugar Pie” pumpkin or any other edible pie pumpkin. Don’t use the ones that you are going to carve for Jack-o-Lanterns. Pumpkin is a great veggie to add to your list. It is packed with vitamin A, beta carotene and fiber. And if you are looking for potassium (which is great for heart health) pumpkins have more potassium than bananas!

Pie Pumpkin

It’s easy to get the meat out of a pumpkin. First you will cut off the top with the stem. It is very difficult to cut through the stem so just get rid of that piece.

Pie Pumpkin

Quarter the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Then all that is left is to peel the quarters and slice them into approximately 1-inch pieces.


A quick buzz in the blender and you will have a delicious, nutritions warm drink for your fall and winter evenings!

Pumpkin Hazelnut Spice Nog

P.S. These are my FAVORITE hot drink glasses. They are insulated so they keep the liquid warm and your hands cool. They are also pretty snazzy to look at! You can find them here: Insulated Latte Cup Set

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  1. ruta wrote on December 30, 2013

    Ok, comments just above my own sugested me, that the problem probably was with blender, don’t posses a right one.

  2. ruta wrote on December 30, 2013

    What to substitute pumpkin with? Any ideas, folk? Tried butternut squash – didn’t work.

    • Susan wrote on December 30, 2013

      Why not use pumpkin? If you can’t find it or don’t like it, check the drink section under the recipe tab. There are other warm drinks and nogs there.

  3. Kristen @ The Vegan Weirdos Next Door wrote on November 20, 2013

    I never was a fan of nogs pre vegan days – actually, I never bothered to try them because I found the idea of drinking raw egg repulsive. What do I look like, Rocky Balboa? LOL. Anyway, I can’t wait to give this a try. I’m trying to eat more raw vegan and less junk food vegan and this will definitely be something I’m sure to enjoy.

  4. Summer wrote on November 15, 2013

    Hi Susan!! My grandmother and I have just started looking into eating Raw and we aren’t really set up to do it…but we have given it a try! We tried the Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Nog, but it didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would. It came out kind of grainy/pulpy, do you have any ideas why? We do not have a VitaMix.

    • Susan wrote on November 15, 2013

      Unless you have a high-speed blender, you will have trouble getting a really smooth consistency. Cheers!

  5. Ian wrote on November 10, 2013

    Wow! This recipe looks fantastic. I have a Vitamix and definitely plan on making this for my wife and I. We have a sugar pumpkin that’s just been waiting to be used. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oly wrote on November 8, 2013

    What did you use the rest of the blended pumpkin for? Can I somehow save the rest for tomorrow?


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