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Raw, Vegan Strawberry Chocolate “Trifle”

Raw Trifel

Tri-fle: noun: A thing of little importance. Britt: a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream. Ok…so we are taking raw food liberties again…it really isn’t a traditional trifle but it is a darn good raw version!

I remember the first trifle I ever had. I was in dessert heaven simply because I love contrast. I love hot/cold, crunchy/smooth, sweet/sour. Texture, temperature, and flavors at odds can create the most interesting dishes. Encountering a dessert that combined different layers of taste and texture both fascinated and delighted me.

In this strawberry chocolate trifle, there are 4 different textures and 4 different flavors. Starting with the crunchy layer, topped with a ganache layer, this trifle then moves into a chocolate mousse topped with strawberries and then finally a vanilla mousse! Lather, rinse repeat and you have a beautiful layered dessert that will delight the taste buds. This is a great addition to your healthy dessert recipes!

Remember, this is a dessert and should be treated as such. Raw desserts are a wonderful addition to a healthy raw diet, but should not be the center of one.

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  1. Ashe wrote on March 15, 2014

    I adore Trifle. Mine tasted great but I was unable to get it to look like the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sandra wrote on March 3, 2014

    I love your version of trifle – much better than the Brits’ – so much more healthy.

  3. Alex wrote on February 24, 2014

    Dear Susan,

    Just finished layering it. It looks amazing, cannot wait to try it, although the layers came out a little bit blurry, but i am sure it won’t affect the taste. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jane wrote on February 21, 2014

    Hi there, thank you again for such an amazing recipe! I am making this for my fater in-law’s 70 birthday dinner tomorrow night just wanted to know if you think (once the mousse’s are set) do you think I could assemble the trifle in advance or should I assemble just before serving?
    Thank you again…love your site!

    Cheers, Jane

  5. Suzy wrote on February 20, 2014

    This looks sooooooo amazing! I really want to make it, but strawberries are not in season atm, might try it with raspberries!

  6. Elizabeth wrote on February 19, 2014

    Looks divine, but … being allergic to nuts, do you think substituting tofu in the mousse would work?

    • Susan wrote on February 19, 2014

      Hi, Elizabeth, I think you would be better off trying to find a chocolate mousse recipe that is specifically formulated for tofu. Tofu is also cooked soybeans so, I don’t use it in a raw recipe. Cheers!


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