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Raw Vegan Cheese

Life got exciting today. I made my raw food recipe for raw cashew cheese and it turned out great! I have been preparing raw food for some time now but the cheese, the ones that you have to make and set-up for a day, seemed a little daunting. Well, as my friend Michael often says, sometimes you just have to pull the bands back and let them fly. I’m glad I did. A few handfuls of cashews, some rejuvelac, and a little patience turned out a delightful cheese spread that is a welcome addition to any raw diet.




If you are wondering what rejuvelac is, it is a fermented liquid made from sprouting wheat berries that is said to be high in enzymes, friendly bacteria, vitamins and minerals. It is known as a health drink. If you have been following this site,  you know I am sprouting a lot of wheat berries these days. I decided to put some of those sprouted wheat berries to work, make some rejuvelac and then, the cheese.




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  1. Amy wrote on October 23, 2014

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve read through all of the comments to see if anyone else asked my question, but couldn’t find that they had. My blended nuts and rejuvelac have now been sitting overnight in a strainer with cheese cloth under it, and a towel draped over it. Two questions: 1) Is it assumed that the nuts should be raw? I know that would be best, but raw nuts aren’t always as easy to come by. I assumed that soaking raw nuts beings a pre-sprout process? I had to use the traditionally found cashews which I’m know have been cooked or roasted. I soaked them anyway. Do you think it will greatly alter the results (beside the decreased nutritional benefit)? 2) So far, no liquid has come of out the cheesecloth, except for a few drops, which I think may have liquid I didn’t totally wipe off after washing my strainer. Should I see liquid coming out? 3) You mentioned in a response that you wrap the choose tightly in the cheesecloth, is that for the whole process including when it sits out for a day before refrigerating? I want to save my efforts if possible in case I can salvage what I’ve got. So far, it looks mousy, is starting to smell kind of pleasantly sour, and on the peaks it looks like the beginning of a browned meringue. (I did use quinoa and I think it smelled lemony-correct!) Thanks, look forward to using our site more! This is the first recipe that I’ve used.

  2. claudia wrote on August 26, 2014

    I have made quinoa rejuvelac before and loved that the quinoa sprouted so fast! But organic quinoa is a little expensive and it was just so sad to through away the grains after making rejuvelac. Thats why I decided to sprout organic brown rice (cheaper). Can you eat the sprouted grains after making rejuvelac? In all the recipes that I have read, it says to dispose of them but I dont understand why you cant just toss them in a salad.

    I would appreciate if the help

    BTW I am totally and absolutely obsessed with your roasted garlic cashew cheese 🙂 <3

    • Susan wrote on August 30, 2014

      Claudia, I tend to compost the grains. Just a personal preference. Cheers!

  3. lizbeth wrote on April 14, 2014

    Has anyone tried this sans the rejuvlac and just left it out at room temp? I just made a cashew-sunflower blend. All i added was water,salt, and a touch of vinegar. I’m pretty certain i’ve made vegan cheeses like this before but then it’s been a long time since i’ve done this.


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