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Savory Squash Crepes With Sage “Cream” Sauce

Yesterday, we talked about raw food and cold weather. It’s so much easier to stay committed to raw when it is warm out. Fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant and in season. As the cold weather approaches, our bodies crave more substantial, warmer foods. One way I deal with this is to make my favorite fall raw foods, warm. I approach my dehydrator the same way I would approach a crock pot. With a little advanced preparation, you can have a warm dinner waiting for you. The wraps can be made a head and put into the dehydrator for the last 20 minutes as you prepare the sage “cream” sauce.




Squash and sage are a great combination. I found these little beauties at the farmer’s market on Sunday. Throw in a few craisins for an accent and you have a dish, easy to make and worthy of company. By soaking the squash before hand and placing it in the dehydrator in the morning, the starches will be reduced and your warm squash is ready to go.




For this recipe, I used carnival squash. They are sweet, full of beta-carotene which is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, vitamin A and C and fiber. Other benefits include folate, copper, vitamin B6, niacin, and omega-3 fatty acids.

This recipe might seem a little complicated at first but it is actually very easy. Read through it first. You have a little advanced preparation but only minutes of actual food handling and very few ingredients. Enjoy!

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  1. Stacey wrote on January 31, 2013

    I love this recipe. I simplified it and ate the leftovers for a quick wrap and go! I ate this more times in the car that at the table! I don’t have a dehydrator, so I roasted the squash, used ready made healthy wraps and substituted Garam Masala for seasoning the sauce because I found my fresh sage not so fresh in the spice drawer! I’m blaming hubby 😉 The sage would have been the bomb…but, surprisingly that spice worked well. Who new? Be careful not to vitamix too long or you’ll get nut butter! This was so yummy and healthy! Thank you so much!

  2. Amy wrote on December 8, 2012

    The 2T of fine herbs–does that mean I choose my own seasoning or is it a specific mix? Also, when you say “remove the sheet” and place face up halfway through dehydration, does that mean the mixture is pressed between two sheets, I remove the top sheet halfway through and then finish the dehydration?

    • Susan wrote on December 8, 2012

      Fine herbs are a specific mixture of herbs. You can find them in the spice section of the store or look up the mixture and make your own. You remove the non-stick sheet and transfer to screens (see post). Cheers!

  3. Shaina Agbayani wrote on April 9, 2012

    Hey there,

    OMG! I’m so so so excited to continue on with raw now. I’ve been doing it for a week, primarily due to health issues, but now it’s just a wonderful culinary challenge / adventure. I’m wondering if by T you mean TSP or TBSP?

    Thanks 🙂
    You’re awesome!

    • Susan wrote on April 9, 2012

      A capitol T means Tablespoon. A small t means teaspoon. This is pretty universal. Cheers!

  4. Wayne wrote on April 8, 2012

    Sorry, if this seems like a silly question, but when you say “Always place face up after you remove the sheet.” for the wraps, do you mean you keep it the same way (dry on top, wet underneath) ?

    • Susan wrote on April 8, 2012

      Keep the top side the top side. Cheers!

  5. Sunna wrote on March 9, 2012

    Hi, I found your site a few days ago and just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. I made your Kale chips recipe (oil, garlic, basil), kale salat and last night I made these zucchini wraps for my girls 4 & 6 yrs old. They totally rock. I will be trying out more of your recipes.

  6. Jeani wrote on June 25, 2011

    Hi, Susan ~
    Even though it’s the dead of summer here, I want to make this. You mention the wraps being ‘face up’.
    Which side is that … the side that was on the screens, or the side that was up from the beginning?
    That felt like a stupid question once I put it out there, but I’ll let you answer anyway. 🙂
    Thanks so much, again and again and again!

  7. Victoria wrote on October 11, 2010

    Hi, I just wanted to add my two cents in about your site and your recipies. Wow. I used to have an all raw diet but slowly went off it. I had a hard time cooking for a meat and potatoes family. I started to eventually feel terrible with aches and pains and started a clense/fast with the intention of coming off the fast into my raw diet again. I MISS IT! I found your site totaly by serindipity and just love it. I love how you put together spices and ingredients that just so perfectly match. Your Sage Butter is divine. Thank you. Your site has given me wonderful, healthy food recipies as well as re-ignited my passion for Raw.

  8. Ellen wrote on March 26, 2010

    I made this for dinner! Yummy. The colors are amazing! I used raisins but I believe the craisins might have been better They are hard to find w/o sugar so I am thinking the Himalayan raisins would be nice. I also added fresh ginger juice and ginger root to sage sauce. My husband I and I were looking for a “bite’. Simply adding cayenne to the pumpkin might remedy that for our taste buds. I served the crepes with fresh sliced tomatoes and local, organic arugula.
    Thank you, Susan. You are completely inspiring. I’m adding kabucha pumpkin to my garden again. We have difficulty growing zucchini here so I am going to try to make the crepes with Kale.


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