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Spicy Corn Chips

In the winter, to make my raw food recipes, I do a lot more dehydrating than I do in the summer. It seems that I have my Excalibur dehydrator going all the time! It is serving dual purposes, though. I need the heat for the rejuvalac and also for sprouting. It is cold here in the winter and I let the temperature drop very low at night. Not a great environment for sprouts or anything that requires a warm place to do its thing. But, when the dehydrator is going, the prefect environment is created.

recipe for guac and chips



Avocados and peppers were on sale the other day and I was inspired. I love regular corn chips but I wanted to try to make something with a little more zest. The addition of lime and cayenne really give these chips a kick! Great flavor! Be careful, they are addictive. They are especially delicious served with this chunky Guacamole .


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  1. ben wrote on February 9, 2011

    Susan, have you tried raw quinoa & amaranth in your recipes? Both are seeds–not grain. I’d love to find ways of using them, & thought I’d plant a seed in your head.

  2. Paul wrote on January 27, 2011

    Although I have not tried using red bell pepper like your recipe calls for, how do you get yours to be 1/4″ thick? My challenge with raw corn chips is the batter always comes out too watery. Perhaps it’s the type of corn I’m using??

    • Susan wrote on January 28, 2011

      Have you tried this recipe?

  3. ben wrote on January 7, 2011

    Great recipe as usual, Susan. So much better than the typical raw chips which have a lot of flax and are weighed down by it. Being a huge admirer of Hinduism & its science of health, Ayurveda, I’m trying to work in raw ginger & turmeric as much as possible–I used both in the chip recipe, and it was amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously with us.

  4. ben wrote on January 4, 2011

    How many sheets does this recipe make? I’ve got a lot of frozen organic corn on hand, & am going to make these soon.

    • Susan wrote on January 28, 2011

      Probably 1 and a half sheets.

  5. AJ wrote on September 30, 2009

    Wow, these look awesome!
    Just 2 questions, if you don’t mind 🙂
    – could I use fresh corn instead of frozen, and would it give the same texture and would I use the same amount (6cups)?
    – around how many chips does this recipe make?

    Thanks a bunch!!
    Love your website! 😀

  6. Sally wrote on March 1, 2009

    I’m new to using a dehydrator. What is a mesh sheet?

  7. VeganForLife wrote on February 24, 2009

    Going to make this soon. Hope they turn out looking like this :-)The picture is outstanding yummy. I need to get a dehydrator I have been using my oven . Peace

  8. Eva wrote on February 15, 2009

    Hi Susan,
    wow these corn chips look awesome. I love frozen corn (I actually eat the kernels frozen – I have done this since I was little hehe). I will have to try these, definitely. Yum!!!
    Thanks for your lovely email as well.

    Great picture as always

    Best wishes

  9. Bob Williamson wrote on February 14, 2009

    This is so cool and looks so good – The question must be how to get people to the site and push this to where it should be @ No 1 Susan!


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