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Squash Beggar’s Purse with Pomegranate and Sage

My friend, Farmer Gray, dropped off a huge bag of squash for me a while back. I have been slowly working through all of the little beauties, making tons of great raw food recipes. Today, I decided to make some squash wraps for a little beggar’s purse.. A cashew sage cream sauce is the perfect accompaniment.



These little “beggars purses” are filled with a mixture of pumpkin seeds, almonds, shredded squash, spinach, andĀ pomegranateĀ seeds! Make the wraps the day ahead and you will have a perfect little treat.


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  1. Stacey DAmico wrote on April 20, 2015

    These look beautiful an amazing. How many servings does this make?

    • Susan wrote on April 20, 2015

      Hi, Stacey, I would guess 3-4 but it was meant more as a “bite” vs full meal. Cheers!


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