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Strawberry Summer Salad

Summer is the time to celebrate locally grown produce. Strawberries take on a whole new personality when they are grown close by. The berries, with their deep red flesh burst in your mouth with flavor. Evoking picnics by the lake, bare feet and sweet fragrant breezes, local strawberries are truly a summer indulgence.strawberry

As we move into August, salads can become the focal point of the meal. Heavier foods are no longer appealing as the long, warm days ask us for a refreshing meal. Strawberries are a wonderful addition to greens. Combined with a raw strawberry vinaigrette and almond brittle for an extra textural crunch, this salad will easily take center stage. This recipe will require advanced prep time for the almond brittle.

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  1. Lorraine wrote on January 15, 2013

    Mmmm! I am making this tonight! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  2. Blanka wrote on September 27, 2011

    Oh yum, just made the dressing for some greens with cucumbers and strawberries to enjoy for lunch on thei Indian summer day and it is divine!!! Thank you!

  3. Michelle wrote on May 7, 2010

    Am I correct to assume that the ginger in the brittle recipe is ginger powder, rather than fresh ginger?

  4. Crystal wrote on March 15, 2010

    I don’t have a dehydrator….How can I make the brittle using an oven?

  5. Gayle Fox wrote on July 26, 2009

    This looks amazing,great job! I’m putting together my grocery list…do you have a recipe for the strawberry vinegarette to share?
    My tummy is growling for this already! LOL
    Thanks so much,
    Gayle Fox

    • Susan wrote on July 26, 2009

      Top of the recipe!!! Hope you enjoy it!


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