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Stuffed Mushrooms with Sunflower Sage Cream and Rosemary

Phase one of our construction project is finally coming to an end. The house is beautiful, the views to die for and we have finally moved out of the downstairs office and are actually living in the main house! As I look back over the last 7 months, I honestly don’t know how we did it. Living with a house full of construction workers popping up everywhere, the nail guns, the compressors, the dust and dirt! And If I am going to be completely honest, I struggled to keep up with the blog.


Raw Stuffed Mushrooms


All my creativity was being poured into the house, not recipes. And there was constant noise and distraction. It took a tole. The holidays came and I just let go and enjoyed the festivities with my family. It was a super special Christmas Eve as my beloved proposed in front of a roaring fire, with the snow swirling outside. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I am thrilled.

So many wonderful distractions kept pulling me away, but this morning, after a long hike through the fog, I finally found the spark that got me back into the kitchen.  I was so inspired, I worked on both a raw and cooked version of this wonderful dish. For those of you who can’t eat nuts, I made the sage rosemary cream with sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds can be a little bitter and the recipe took a bit of tweaking before I was satisfied. Make sure you include all the ingredients for the best results.

You have your choice of using a dehydrator to make this (raw) or the oven (cooked). I want to be able to help out all of you who want healthy recipes but don’t have a dehydrator, or aren’t concerned about having everything raw. It is great raw and delicious cooked! A wonderful, hearty recipe to satisfy you on these cold winter nights.


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  1. Karen wrote on August 6, 2016

    Susan this dish was absolutely delicious! Thank you for all the work that goes into creating such masterpieces. 🙂

  2. nikki wrote on May 25, 2016

    would you say these could be reheated in the oven once baked and assembed?

    • Susan wrote on May 26, 2016

      Yes, if you are using the baked version. Just make sure it is very low heat. Cheers!

      • nikki wrote on May 26, 2016

        Thanks for the reply and all the lovely recipes! Your flavor profiles are always on point! This is my favorite raw resource online.

  3. Anne Y wrote on December 6, 2015

    Susan, these have been such a boon for me. I make them when I need a tasty and impressive entree (as I do this week). Thank you so much for the recipe and for your site in general. I have made a number of items and have found them all to be tasty and aesthetically pleasing.

    • Susan wrote on December 6, 2015

      Anne, That is so wonderful to hear. And thank you for taking the time to let me know. I so appreciate it! Cheers!

      • Shalaynia Hairston wrote on February 17, 2017

        Perfect recipe for my raw vegan cleanse ! I just made the mushrooms and the sage cream, and it was amazing! It got my taste-buds jumping again!


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