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The Winner and Some Really Great Breakfast Cookies!

We have a winner of the grain grinder / flaker! Our random number generator picked Maya! Congratulations to you and for everyone else, watch for new, fun contests in the near future!

I have to admit, I love hosting contests. First, I get to give away something useful and fun. Second, I LOVE the comments that come in. I know there are thousands of you, all around the world, reading the blog. I also know that everyone is busy, and it takes time to leave comments on a regular basis. But when the contests run, I really get to hear from you and how much you enjoy the blog…which brings me great joy. Breakfast cookies


I have always said, blogging for a living can be a bit lonely some days. You spend hours and hours creating content, you can see the numbers and know that lots of people are visiting your site but since there isn’t any face to face, you never really get the interaction that is so enjoyable. So thanks to all of you who entered and thank you for all the wonderful comments!


Breakfast Cookies @


Have you been looking for some interesting breakfast ideas? I always start my day with a big green drink but often want a little more. These raw breakfast cookies, made with sprouted raw flaked oats, are just the thing for those mornings (or any other time of day). I packed these with flavor! They are a burst of  sunshine with tons of orange, maple and cranberry flavor. My batch disappeared very quickly, so quickly I almost didn’t get a chance to photograph them! I have also included one of my favorite breakfast beverages. Spicy Almond Brazil Nut Milk. It is wonderful slightly warmed.


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  1. Lynx wrote on May 25, 2013

    Mmm, the almond milk sounds great, never tried making it spicy! Any ideas for using the excess almond flour mix?

  2. Susan wrote on May 24, 2013

    This recipe won’t work with nuts and seeds as a substitute. I would suggest taking a look at the recipe index to find recipes that fit that category. 🙂

  3. Cyndy Whitaker wrote on May 24, 2013

    I can’t have any grains. I can use nuts and seeds.

  4. Callahan McDonough wrote on May 24, 2013

    hi there are so many of your recipes that look fabulous ! & I am a health foodie from the 1960’s. But, I would never take the time, have the time to make these and yet would be perfect for me for breakfast. Is there a place, line that sells a version of these? thanks much.

  5. Maha wrote on May 24, 2013

    Lovely pictures! I love chia tea, so I will definitely try your tea.

  6. Cyndy Whitaker wrote on May 24, 2013

    I have celiac and can’t use oats. What would be a substitute?

    • Susan wrote on May 24, 2013

      This whole recipe was formulated around the use of raw flaked oats. I honestly don’t have a replacement that would still be raw and have the same qualities that the oats do. What do you normally substitute?

  7. janice wrote on May 24, 2013

    it’s so nice to hear that you love our comments. may I just say that I love your website and also your logo. it’s the first thing to come up and it is so expressive and joyful looking. and the name “rawmazing” is very whimsical and charming. great job!

    ps when’s the next contest?

  8. Therawfoodsisters wrote on May 24, 2013

    What a piece of cookie! We wouldn´t mind to enjoy some in cold Amsterdam at the moment 🙂 Looks delicious like Always!


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