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Three Raw “Cheese” Spreads

The holidays are upon us! Everyone is looking for healthy raw food recipes that will look great on their holiday tables! This recipe makes it easy for you to put three different raw “cheese” spreads on your table. Your non raw food eating friends will never know that you have secretly provided them with healthy food!


Raw Food Recipes Cheese Spread Cheese-Spread2 Raw Food Recipes Cheese Spread


Starting with one basic spread, divide it and quickly make three dramatically different spreads. Think sweet cranberry walnut, savory garlic pepper rosemary and spicy chipotle sun dried tomato! I truly love these recipes. So fast, so easy, so versatile!

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  1. R wrote on December 7, 2013

    Skip that question, you answered it: “3-5 days, well covered.”

  2. R wrote on December 7, 2013

    The Sundried Chipotle Spread was tried last night and we both give it 2 thumbs up (as I did the Garlic Pepper Rosemary Spread above). It was absolutely delicious with celery.

    I’d like to know how long these will stay good covered and stored in the refrigerator. I’d like to make these for guests coming to my house in late December. I want to make a few items ahead of time to make my work easier. These recipes are definitely guest worthy.


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