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Tomato Napoleon with Raw Basil “Cheese”

Food inspires me. Working with the ingredients, smelling them, tasting them, trying to guess what will go with what. I am amazed at how you can have an idea, start throwing some things together and with in a matter of minutes, transform the familiar into something completely new yet wonderful. It is a transition from the unknown to the known. Plus we get to eat it!




As I started writing this post, I was struck by the similarity that life has with creating food. We are in a time of huge transition. The whole planet is finally waking up, looking around and saying, Man…we have really created a mess here.

The amazing thing is that with this recognition things start to happen. People are becoming more aware of how they live. We are no longer taking everything for granted and living with a mentality of excess. Living Green is becoming main stream. We are aware of the benefits of local foods and sustainable farming. We are becoming aware of our carbon footprint. We are even becoming aware of what we eat and how it is affecting our health.

We are taking the ingredients and combining them in a whole new way. A less complex, but more meaningful way. Respect is being developed and attention is being paid. The new meal is being made and while it is simple, the flavor is divine.

This little tomato Napoleon is quite simple but delicious. A quick and easy basil cashew “cheese” is combined with the layers of tomato and zucchini. It is a great end of summer treat.

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  1. Aslana wrote on January 17, 2014

    Get your raw freak on! This is great. I made it with little hothouse tomatoes so I had 6 little tiny “burgers” one thing I added was a strip of kelp! It was super yummy and very easy and fast to make. I’ll be making more of these for sure because it’s great when you want a nibble or fast lunch and keep you from grabbing something less tasteful.

  2. Claudia wrote on November 7, 2013

    I am obsessed with your website! I am not very good in the kitchen but I try my best. So I struggle with the simplest recipes but I LOOVE all of your recipes. I dont have a food processor, but I just purchased a KitchenAid diamond blender, do you think I can use it for making nut meal/flower or for grinding?

    Thank you,

    Much love from Florida,


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