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Zucchini Corn Cakes with Cilantro “Cream”

As the summer begins, eating a raw food diet gets easier. Fresh produce is starting to appear and inspiration abounds. I found some beautiful looking sweet corn at the market yesterday. Creating a raw food recipe for zucchini corn cakes has been on my mind for quite a while so I bought the corn and dug in.



Remembering a zucchini tart that I used to make (a family favorite) that had Dijon  mustard and white pepper in it, I set out to try to recreate some of these flavors. The zucchini tart also had a crust made from crescent rolls and was loaded with eggs and cream. Not exactly healthy. This version combines the flavors that I remember from that tart, plus tasty fresh corn! I topped it with a cilantro cream. Heaven! The taste of these is amazing. Even your non-raw friends and family will be impressed.


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  1. lynette wrote on April 3, 2012

    p.s. thanks for the tips on how to open a coconut. THIS was the first time i had even touched one. the method you shared worked like a charm. #typingwithtenfingers :o)

  2. lynette wrote on April 3, 2012

    i made this this this weekend and it was DELICIOUS! i shared it with my mom, who dabs in raw food occasionally, and she loved it as well. when the taste hit her taste buds, her whole face lit up. she couldn’t stop talking about how tasty it is. …i was nervous about the cilantro for 2 reasons: 1) my first experience with it wasn’t a pleasant one and 2) the members’ comments made me nervous. …i’m so VERY glad i gave it another chance. …thanks a million for sharing your creativity. it’s really comforting to KNOW that raw can be so thoroughly fulfilling. …your recipes encourage me to delve into my own imagination. xo

  3. chris wrote on February 4, 2012

    great! I really need a dehydrator!

  4. karen wrote on May 10, 2011

    Is there an easier way to get the coconut flesh and water than dealing with a full coconut?

  5. karen wrote on May 10, 2011

    How do you get the coconut flesh??

  6. Susan wrote on January 21, 2011

    Thanks so much Randahl. It is one of my favorites! And thanks for your votes!


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