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Rejuvelac is a fermented beverage that is inexpensive, easy to make, refreshing to drink and FULL of wonderful nutrients for your body. A healthy probiotic, it also has vitamins B, K and E, proteins, and enzymes. It is beneficial to your digestive system, promoting a healthy intestinal environment. It is also a great starter for raw nut cheese!




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  1. Zainab wrote on December 2, 2016

    Thanks for sharing!
    Interesting; I have a batch in process (with fenugreek, though).
    Traditionally in Pakistan, one often soaks fenugreek, ajwain (ajowan caraway) or fennel (saunf) overnight. The water is drunk, and the fenugreek or fennel seeds are eaten.

    I’ve also used fermented rice water (soak the rice at least an hour after rinsing, then pour off the liquid, and use as a hair wash.)

    The water you get after soaking chickpeas or garbanzo beans (which I do to make hummus) is apparently very valuable in South America.

    I’m trying this first with fenugreek (as I found them sprouting after accidentally leaving them in water a few days), mustard seeds and nigella sativa seeds, till I get some wheat berries, and experiment.

    • Adam wrote on December 7, 2016

      That sounds fascinating. How did your fenugreek, mustard and sativa rejuvelacs taste?


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